Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years Eve!

My Hubby is pretty boring on New Years Eve day. He NEVER wants to go out and celebrate!

Here in Missoula they have "First Night". It's where you pay a small fee and get into all kinds of different things, live bands, dancing, plays, ect. It's totally kid friendly, no drinking or inappropriate behavior.

It's held up at the college.

It's totally fun.

In the 8 years that we have lived here, we have only gone once. I really want to take the boys tonight, but Hubby says he doesn't want to go =(

We'll see... maybe I can talk him into it!!

What are you doing for New Years??

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Buying Hand Made

My MOST favorite things are hand made things, books, jewelry, clothes, makeup, ect. And I LOVE to shop. Well "window" shop anyway. And the place to do this is Etsy!

If you haven't seen this wonderful place yet, I highly recommend it. The things that people can make blow my mind! I am truly amazed and humbled when I go on there. These people are awesome!

Be careful! It can be addictive =)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

You REALLY must be careful what you wish for! My boys wished and wished for a White Christmas. Oh man! What White Christmas we are having!!

Our valley is called the Banana Belt of Montana. Our weather is usually more like western Washington, pretty balmy, a little rainy, and sunny. NOT this winter! We have more snow now than I can ever remember having, and it keeps coming down. It's beautiful. But I have to say I hope it melts quickly! Except then we have a muddy mess... see! It's hard to know WHAT to wish for =)

Over this Christmas break I watched the BEST movie EVER! It is now my favorite movie, Mama Mia! I didn't think I would like this movie much, because I haven't ever been a big fan of musicals, but please! How could someone NOT like this movie! It's set in Greece, with the big bright blue Mediterranean Ocean in the back ground and the cast is WONDERFUL!

The MUSIC!! I LOVE it! My wonderful Hubby rented it when our youngest had the flu last week. I watched it three times before he took it back. Then on Christmas morning I woke up and there it was in my stocking! My Hubby ROCKS!! (He likes it too. He's even memorized the songs! I catch him singing them all over the house. LOL)

Otherwise our Christmas break hasn't been great. Once again, for the second year in a row, we were all sick, well except for Hubby. So far he's escaped it... The youngest, Logan, came home with the flu. He was sick for 24 hours.

Then 4 days later it hit me like a ton of bricks. And when I get sick, I get REALLY sick. I felt like I was going to die. Hubby told me afterwards that he was scared I might die too! Great huh!? I must have looked HORRIBLE....

Then 4 days later Ben came down with it. Sigh... He threw up on the little leather couch, and I think it's ruined. It didn't handle stomach acid very well. I guess leather and acid don't mix...

If you have an idea of how I could save it, that would be very welcome! The set is quite old, we got both of the couches from my Mom and she got them from her Mom. So it may just be time for it to be retired!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

From, The Ladybug Clan

Monday, December 15, 2008

Finally, Something Nice to Say!

Whew! It took me 3 days, but I finally have something nice to say! What a funk I've been in... I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about ;) It happens...

Today was fun. We took the boys out of school early to run up to Missoula for a little shopping. I know, I know it doesn't seem like it was a necessity. But really it was...

Ben has been wearing shoes that are size 12 and he is now wearing a size 2!!! Holy cow!! How and when did this happen? And today it was 7 degrees below zero, when I took the boys to school and the only shoes that Ben had were canvas slip ons from Old Navy (ones that we got this summer...)

I know I know!! I'm a horrible Mom!! I can't believe I let this happen! So I HAD to rectify the situation and if it means they miss a little school, well so be it!

Sigh... it made me feel better, anyway.

Also I got a new book that I have been waiting and waiting for!! It is written by Annie at writers and witches, and words... Oh My! I have been so excited to start this trilogy, but somehow ended up with #2 and #3!! I swear. So I had to wait an extra week for #1, but it came today!! Yea! AND I got a pair of purple, yes, that's purple wool shoes for winter. My feet were FREEZING in this weather!! But now they are toasty =)

Oh it was such a GOOD Monday!

Here's a little color to brighten up YOUR Monday...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Nuthin Nice To Say...

So I'll let the goose do the talkin!


Thursday, December 11, 2008


I was given this wonderful award by my friend Paula over at Paula's Place!! Thanks so much Paula!

This is what this award signifies:

This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY- nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement . Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to 8 bloggers, who may, then pass it on.

I would like to give this award to:

Heather at Just We Three.

Lori at thatssogod.

Melissa at laisy daise photography.

Annie at writers and witches, and words... Oh My!

Sue at Living and Learning.

Abigail at Random Ramblings or a Teenage Artist.

Shelley at diaper bag diary.

(I know it's only 7, but that's all I can do for now!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I always want to do this, and always forget, until today!!

Happy Wordless Wednesday

I always do a portrait sitting with the boys every year for Christmas. I give the pictures to family and friends as gifts. This year we went back to the basics with Black and White. I LOVE Black and White, it's dramatic. I take all the pictures myself =)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Question for You

What is one thing that you want to be remembered for?

If there was only one thing that you could be remembered for would it be that you kept a clean house?

Or that you were REALLY good at laundry?

Or that you were a whiz at doing the dishes?

Or that your kids smiled every time you came in the room?

Or that your kids LOVED playing with you?

Or that your kids LOVED cuddling with you? (My youngest told me he didn't want me to loose weight because then I wouldn't be so soft to snuggle up to =) That sounds like a perfect reason to keep eating cookies and drinking frappes!)

Mmmmm.... something to think about.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dragon Boy!


What Me?

See Ya!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hi, I'm Mindy

and I'm a purse-a-holic and a journal-a-holic and a book-a-holic...

The list could really go on and on =) I have so many passions!

I also like neat pens and comfy shoes (Mary Jane style shoes, sneakers, flip flops).

I vacillate between being content with myself and my weight and wishing I could wake up one day and be as slim as a willow tree. (Honestly I don't thing my body could EVER do what my mind pictures...) Plus I am not willing to give up my Frappes or cookies =)

And I LOVE my Hubby and Boys with all my heart =)

Just a few things about me that you might not know...

What is one or two things about you that I might not know?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

And the Winner is...

Melissa from laisy daise photography! Please head on over to her blog and congratulate her! She takes gorgeous photographs. I really enjoy looking at her work =)

And the mystery prize is......

Still a Mystery!! LOL I haven't decided what to give yet, but I'll keep you all updated on that.

**I have decided that we will play Monday at Ladybug Farm the first Monday of every month. We'll spread it out a bit =) **

I really LOVE all the people that have been playing with me =) I'm having a GREAT time with this game! I know it's really good for me to think of things that I like about myself. Especially on the days when it takes me an hour or more... those are the days that I REALLY need to like myself =)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Here you are as a bunny baby! I took this picture for our Easter Cards =)

Today you turn 8 years old! I can't believe that 8 years have gone by already... it's shocking actually. And I can't believe that you grew 3 1/2 inches in the last year!! What!? What the heck!? You out grow your pants as fast as I can buy them for you =)

You have lost so many teeth this year. And with each lost tooth, you lost more of your little boy look and turned more into a big boy.

You are so kind and loving. You always mean well and are a lot of help around the house. Despite the mumbling of not wanting to help, you always do! I love you Benjamin and wish you a VERY happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Beeeeaaaannnnn
Happy Birthday to Youououououou!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Here is our Christmas Card for this year! I just LOVE him in this lovely little decoration that I found at Michaels. I think it's suppose to hang on a door knob (which it's doing now) but it sure does look great 'hanging' on Angus!

I love this picture! He is soooo making a face and I'll bet you can guess what he is thinking =)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Here is my little man! I got some money for my Birthday from my Auntie Deena. I thought it would be fun to take Angus to Pet Smart to do a little shopping.

He got this very DASHING red leather collar with silver stars on it.

And he got a squirrel squeaky toy. It has a big bushy tail, which he LOVES. He picked it out himself =)

AND he got some chewies. His FAVORITE. What a lucky little doggy he is =)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday's 10 Things I Like About Me!

Monday!! It's Monday!! Time for Ladybug Farm's 10 Things I Like About Me!! Yea!!!!

Okay, this is how it works. I will write 10 Things I Like About Me to get us all started.

Then I want YOU to write 10 Things YOU Like About YOUSELF, in my comments.

On Friday I will put all the names in a hat and draw out a winner.

That winner will get the Mystery Prize!! I KNOW! It's sooooo exciting!!

So on with the show....

10 Things I Like About Me

1. I like that I went hiking even though I thought I would DIE! (My inner strength)
2. I like that I am a loving Mom.
3. I like that I am a loving Wife.
4. I like that I am now a whopping 32!! Whew!!
5. I like that I can cook good meals for my family.
6. I like that I can keep my family's spirits up, even when things aren't looking so good.
7. I like that I am good at doing laundry. (I'm grasping here....)
8. I like that I even when things aren't going so well, I can still laugh.
9. I like my common sense.
10. I like that I'm decisive.

Whew! That was a hard one this morning. The weather outside is foggy, no sun is shining and I could barely come up with 10 today! I guess this is easier for me when the sun is out =) LOL.

Okay now it's YOUR turn! Let's hear 'em!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today, I discovered that hiking is way more fun when I'm in shape. LOL We went out and hiked around a bit with the dogs and the boys and I thought I might die before we made it up and then back down! I was heaving and sweating and coughing... Yep, hiking is way more fun when I am in shape.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

We Have Winner...

Holy Moly! I totally spaced out the drawing yesterday and I was sooooo excited because the participants this week were kidos!! Yea!!

So we just did the drawing and my youngest, Logan who is 6, drew the winner....

THE BIG WINNER IS..... ZACHARY!!! Whoooo hoooo!!!

The boys chose the prize and it's...

This is a great book published by Usborne books. The boys were tuned in when I read them Zachary's list. They heard that he likes Trains and so they thought he would like this book =) It's from their own book shelf =)

Congratulations Zachary!

We hope you all come back and participate again on Monday =)


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

From Our Family to Yours! We wish Everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving =)

The Ladybug Clan~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting Ready

Thanksgiving is almost here!!

And with Thanksgiving, comes my birthday!

Hubby said he would take me to see Twilight for my Birthday.

Usually I don't get into the new fad books. Usually I steer clear... but one day I didn't have anything to read and there it was! So I bought it, read it and am now on the third book. I started them last week!

Now it is safe for me to go see the movie. I MUST always read the books first, before I see the movie. That's just the way I roll ;)

For Thanksgiving I'm making Green Bean Casserole. Yummmm...

And I'm bringing French Bread....

AND I'm making Cloud Biscuits, because I LOVE these with butter and honey =)

**Please don't forget to participate in Monday, With a Twist!**

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Look Look!!

Take a look at the right hand side of my Blog!! I have a new Badge over there and I'm proud to announce that I am a NanoWrimo Winner in 2008!! I got my 50,000 word novel FINISHED and in record time I might add ;)

Of course it is a rough, rough first draft, but it is down on 'paper' and ready for editing!! I am so excited. I really never thought I would want to write a whole NOVEL. I thought that was really more for Hubby, but it turns out that I really ENJOYED writing this novel.

I LOVE to read and found that the actual writing of a book was almost as enjoyable to me as the reading of one! WOW!

Now I am enjoying going back and filling in more detail, adding better descriptions, ect. I can't wait until it's 'finished' and readable =) Then watch out Cuz!! You'll be readin it for me!! After all I don't have an editor yet ;)

And just for fun, In case you can't see the badge along the right hand side of my blog....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday, With a Twist!

It's Monday here at Ladybug Farm and today we have the 10 Things I Like About Me, with a Twist!

My friend Lori over at thatssogod has two little girls that want to participate in the 10 Things I Like About Me... In fact they are so excited they could hardly wait for Monday!! How GREAT is that!? Sooooooo I decided today would be 10 Things I Like About Me for MY boys =)

On with the show!

10 Things That BEN Likes About Him: (as told to me)

1. I like that I'm good at reading.
2. I like that I'm good at school.
3. I like that I'm good at drawing.
4. I like my green eyes. I'm happy to have green eyes.
5. I like that I'm good at playing video games.
6. I like that I'm good at swinging on the swing.
7. I like to make different things up. (or I like that I have a good imagination)
8. I like my hair. Cause I like to stick it up.
9. I like that I'm good at playing board games, like Clue.
10. I like that I'm good at coloring.

WOW that was actually HARD! He had a hard time coming up with things. That makes me so sad =( I was sure he would have a list as long as my arm... This is something we need to work on!

Onto LOGAN'S List! This one is like pulling teeth. I think he woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. There is nothing he likes about himself today =(

1. I like that I'm good at drawing.
2. I like that I'm good at making books.
3. I like that I'm strong.
4. I like that I'm good at gymnastics.
5. I like that I love my Mommy.
6. I like my bones.
7. I like my soul.
8. I like everything about me (here he is trying to get out of doing this...)
9. I like that I'm good at building things with Legos.
10. I like that I'm good at putting together costumes.

Whew! We did it =) My poor little boys, they have too much of me in them I'm afraid. We MUST do this more often, so they know it's wonderful to like things about themselves!!

Thank you Lori and girls for this great idea!!!

Now, either YOU write 10 things you like about YOU or have one or more of your kids write 10 things they like about themselves. Be sure to put your child's name at the bottom of their list, so I know which names to put in for the drawing for the Mystery Prize... on Friday!!


Sunday, November 23, 2008


Don't ya just love those days were you don't have to get dressed at all? But can stay in your jammies all day long?

That's the kind of day I had today. I stayed in my jammies and slept most of the day. Bliss...

Although I could do without the bad hair day...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sick Day


I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck.


The boys have been so good while Hubby and I write our novels this month that I had planned to take them to the BEST book store EVER, The Book Exchange, in Missoula...

So I had to do that. I found the three books I wanted and sat on the bench, holding my head until the boys had their picks.


I think it's the flu...


Friday, November 21, 2008

My Hubby ROCKS!

Not only is he sooooo tall and handsome a totally BUILT, but he is a sweet, kind and loving man.

He is the BEST Dad I have ever seen. He loves his boys and gets right in there, playing the Superhero (well he thinks he IS a superhero...) going "hunting", teaching them about drawing, teaching them about being the best they can be, teaching them to be good men.

He works hard to provide for our family and it really upsets him when we struggle financially. He feels like he is letting us down whenever we are tight money wise. He takes it personally and then he thinks maybe he doesn't rock. But I always know better ;)

He goes out and does a job that he hates to be sure that we have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. I admire the strength that it takes to do this. I know many men that sit at home and play video games while their wives do all the work, but not my Hubby!

He rocks because his hands are big, callused, working man hands. I love my Hubby...


We have another winner from It's Monday! Congrats to Loriann from thatssogod!! Head on over and congratulate her!!

And here is the fantastic Mystery Prize....

It's a hand knitted scarf. It's made out of organic cotton yarn in a pretty soft baby blue. I hope you enjoy it Loriann!! And thanks so much for playing my game =) Remember to give yourself a little love every day, not just on Ladybug Farm's Magic Monday ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've been tagged!

Ooooh once again, I've been invited to play! I LOVE to play =)

Paula over at Paula's Place tagged me for another book related game. Since I love books, these games are so much fun! Now, if only I could come up with 7 people to tag..... Hmmmm....

Okay, the rules of the game are as follows:

Share seven random or weird book facts about yourself.

Then tag 7 other people. Notify them that they have been tagged and sit back and enjoy reading random and weird stuff about about them =) Fun right!?

Okay, on with the game!

1. I read and re-read books until their covers fall off!
2. My favorite books are books written in the times past... like way past, Middle Ages is my favorite.
3. I LOVE time travel books. At the top of my very short list is Diana Gabaldon. If you haven't ever read her, she is a MUST read!!
4. I LOVE books that are at least a 1000 pages. The thicker the better!
5. I can read a 200 page book in two days. (This confuses Hubby. He just doesn't understand how I manage, especially since I only read while in the bath tub or before bed...)
6. I LOVE reading to my kids. But I only like reading the story books. My oldest brings home learning books all the time and I find them boring. (I do read them out loud of course, they just bore me. Sad right?)
7. I prefer books that are bigger than your average paper back. I like them to be at least 5 x 8. Weird I know. Sometimes I will shop according to the books size, first I look at size, then I look at cover, then I read the back. I know, I'm weird =)

Fun right!? Now it's you're turn!

I tag:

1. Heather at Just We Three. This is my wonderful cousin and my 'nieces'...
2. Tara at Too Much Information. Head on over there and see her adorable Chloe! I check her site daily for my Chloe fix =)
3. jewelstreet at Jewel Street Designs. She makes fantastic jewelry! A very talented lady!!
4. Melissa at Laisy Daise Photography. I LOVE her site. Her photography is FANTASTIC!!
5. Sue at Living and Learning. This is such an interesting site! She is an American living in Japan!! Cool!!
6. Lori at thatsogod. Her daughter needs some prayers today so, pop on over and read about her...
7. Betty at Wiens World. She lives in Paraguay. I know, it's pretty awesome =)


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I JUST took this photo. Hubby had Angus on his lap, then allowed him to get up on the table... where I am working on the computer and he is drawing. (We rarely use the table for eating. It's always full of our 'stuff'.)

Angus was so happy. He was wagging and wagging his tail, walking all over the table. Then he spotted this!! Oh he found a treasure!!

(In case you can't read the writing, it's a soft white eraser LOL)

All is Good...

In the world of Angus. His eye is looking so good! They took out the stitches today and though he still has an ulcer in there, at least his eye is once again, BROWN! No more zombie WHITE eye. Thank God!

Then my little guy was home sick today. He was supposed to be laying on the couch, resting. If I had been home that is exactly what would have happened... but today Hubby was home, while I ran Angus in to get his stitches out. And this is what happened while I was gone...

In this picture he is admiring how his cape blows in the wind =)

I especially LOVE the red socks!!

So Daddy's aren't the BEST at making sure there is resting going on... But they are the BEST at encouraging super hero time.

The other night I was working on my computer and the boys, all three of them, were busy doing something in the living room. I happened to glance up and there was Hubby, wearing the red cape from the photos above (it came to just ABOVE his waist) he had squeezed himself into one of their super hero shirts and was holding a green light saber... Please... He will NEVER grow up. Honestly? I don't want him to =)

**And a quick reminder. If you haven't posted on It's Monday! then you better get on and do it! The drawing will be held on Friday for the Mystery Prize. Trust me, it's a good one!!**

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Okay, so I'm still doing the NanoWrimo thing. So is Hubby. We compete like crazy every day and so far I am managing to stay in the lead for number of words written. I am up to 40,248 words! Only 9,752 words left =) That makes me so happy. My story is pretty good, in my opinion anyway... Which isn't worth much right now because my brain is totally fried from all the writing. I can barely think of good ideas for my blog right now!

And don't get me started on my kitchen, or my laundry, or the state of my livingroom. It's bad. It's very very bad. But my book is good!

Now, I in awe of all my favorite authors more than I have ever been before. I can't imagine all the research it takes to write those 1,000 page books. It's remarkable. It's fascinating and I want to know more. So at least through all this I haven't hid my head in a sandy hole with my huge rear end sticking up in the sky!

I'm like... bring it on!!!

I think this might be what I was put here to do!!!

Cool, huh?

And just for fun, a picture of my little Angus. He is doing so great! He gets his stitched out tomorrow!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Monday!

And here at Ladybug Farm, Monday is the 10 Things I Like About Me day =)

The "rules" are:

1) Please right 10 things YOU like about YOU in my comments.
2) Everyone that does this will have their name put into a hat on Friday for a drawing.
3) The winner of the drawing gets a Mystery Prize =)

It's as easy as that! I'll start with 10 Things I Like About Me:

1. I like my smile. It lights up my face.
2. I like all the colors in my hair, even the gray ones!! (I've been getting gray hairs since I was a senior in High School! But that's still better than my Dad who started losing his hair when he was a senior in High School! LOL)
3. I like my height, 5'5". Just right. The top of my chin rests just under Hubby's chin =) Makes for great huggin!!
4. I like how much fun I am to be around. (People tell me I have a 'bubbly personality'. As long as I'm not ditsy!!)
5. I like how forgetful I am. It makes for a good laugh now and then. Sometimes...
6. I like how creative I am.
7. I like that I can use words to draw a picture.
8. I like that I can take beautiful photos.
9. I like that I have good intuition.
10. I like that I have tons of loving family members around me all the time!!

Whew! I had to pound that one out!! I have gotten very creative since I've been writing this novel on NanoWrimo. I am supposed to write 50,000 words in 30 days. The end date is November 30th. I have 35,368 words so far!!! I'm sooooo close and I WILL finish by the 30th =)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hunting Down at the Creek

Okay, we don't really hunt. There isn't one of us that would enjoy killing another animal. But the kids like to go "hunting" down at the creek for Goblins, Dragons and sometimes the odd Vampire. Oh woe to those Vampires hiding in our creek!! (We've been known to "hunt" raccoons. But that is because my kids think that raccoons are as big as our house and very mean. Don't ask me where they got that idea... LOL)

So I thought I would take you on a picture journey, of our journey!

First I wanted to get a good picture of our German Shepherd puppy, Bishop. We are very proud of him as we owned his mom and picked his dad. Total we had 15 puppies from this cross and decided to quit while we were ahead and keep this handsome guy. The Mom found a new home after she tried to EAT one of my goats... long story and not part of our picture journey, so I'll leave it at that!

It turned out it wasn't going to be easy to get a good picture of Bishop. He is NEVER still!!

Or I would get this...

So I decided to take pictures of the rest of the troop, making our way to the creek. (The creek is at one end of our property. We only have to walk a little bit to get there, but that is part of the fun!)

This is my youngest. He has his super hero get up under his jacket... you'll see it in a minute!

This is my oldest. Note... he has his Nerf dart gun. He is READY for some Goblin shootin!

Here is Hubby. He came armed with his video camera. Watch out Goblins, Dragons and Vampires!!

Another attempt to get a good shot of Bishop. And of course, just as I pressed the button, he took off!

Finally! I know you could hardly wait to see the super hero costume!! He is wearing his big brother's red under ware. Because Superman wears his under ware on the outside after all!!

And of course I couldn't resist a shot of my Angus. He is such a great model! Just look at how he poses!

Here is my 'smug' oldest boy. He had climbed the tree and was standing up there looking so proud! There is a better shot of his get-up coming soon!

Finally!! I got the shot I wanted! It was sooooo hard for him to stay still long enough for me to press the button =) He is only 5 months old what more could I expect of him?!

I took this one so you could see how much bigger Bishop is than Angus! They make quite a pair =)

Here's the oldest son's outfit. Camo pants, for hunting, a nice warm sweater and note the headband flashlight, around his waist! They always wear them this way. I LOVE it. (I just wish I could wear them around my waist! I'm lucky if they fit my fat head!!)

I LOVE this picture... A boy and his dog.

Hubby in a stare down with the camera... the camera won.

Okay, this post is getting too full of pictures, and I still have a few more I want to put up, so I'll just explain this... Hubby and Ben had gone across the creek, by way of this big tree. It isn't a tree that fell down, it just kind of lays across the creek like this, making a wonderful "bridge", if you are good at walking across bridges that are 10 feet above the creek!! Well Hubby and Ben are good at it. Bishop, Logan and I are not. But Bishop is far more adverturesome than either Logan or I, so he made the trek. Now he has to come back though.....

Here he is slinking across the tree... He decided he did NOT like water so wasn't about to just wade across....

Here he is... stuck. He is looking at Ben for some help.

Well since I was also trying to help him, and not just stand there like a lump, taking pictures, I missed the fantastic fall from the tree into the creek. He fell like a box of rocks. And as you can see the creek is fairly deep. It was up above Hubby's knees! But Hubby being the great man that he is, didn't hesitate to leap into the creek to save our Bishop!

And carry him from the creek, so he wouldn't have to get any wetter...

And then proceed to give Bishop lots of encouragement and let him know that he is a good boy.

Bishop will probably NEVER go down to the creek again. He was pretty mad about the whole thing. I doubt he will be a water dog after this!! LOL!

Poor Bishop...