Friday, June 26, 2009

Bumble Bee and Mega Tron

Just thought I would share a few pictures. Sorry I haven't kept up on my blog lately. Summer is a busy time on the farm! Lots to do when the grass is growing and the days are sunny =)

Onto the show!

Here is Bumble Bee, otherwise known as Little L.

Full body shot! I love the shoes =)

Herrrrrre's Mega Tron!

The boys love to make costumes out of cardboard. We have had to put a temporary stop to it however, because they do NOT love to clean up the resulting messes. And neither do I! LOL... I sure do love their imaginations though!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't Ya Just LOVE...

Garage Sales!!??

I do. Boy have I made some fantastic finds at the local garage sales. I also like hunting them down when I'm visiting places. It's fun to see what other people buy and then don't want. It's especially fun when it's something that I've been needing ;)

The chair I sit in every night is a garage sale find. It's a victorian style chair and I LOVE it!

I've found some beautiful picture frames at garage sales.

Some of my favorite books were garage sale finds.

Last week I found a Beijo purse and matching wallet at a garage sale for $2! They sell for $65-$95 dollars and this one looks almost brand new! WOW!

Here is a wonderful website that can help you find a garage sale in your area AND it's a great place to advertise if you are having a garage sale... Garage Sales Tracker.

What are some of the finds you've uncovered at a garage sale??