Sunday, August 30, 2009


Farming is hard work. It's hard work all the time. If you have animals, it's hard work in the winter too. You have to break ice in their water tanks, haul hay around, make sure they are healthy and well. In the summer time you have to water the hay, then have it cut, or cut it yourself, if you have the equipment. (We've watched our neighbor this summer and last. His equipment breaks down more than it runs!) You have to worry about weeds, storms, GRASSHOPPERS! Sigh...

But it is a pretty life! Life on a farm is full of baby animals, chickens following you around, horses talking to you when you go outside... (or if you have a pony in the back yard, if the door is left open, the pony comes in to see you!) Fun!

Alfalfa comes in such pretty colors. And it smells good too. It makes for a pretty field...

Hubby "farming" =) Though he comes from a farming family... he doesn't love it LOL

The Pony in the back yard!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A book review... Just for Fun!

I was directed to a new-to-me author last weekend and LOVE her! Her name is Francine Rivers. I started with her book, "Redeeming Love" and just finished up "Scarlet Thread". These two books were refreshing in the way that she handles love scenes and describes her female characters. They really do ring true to life. At least for me! I would highly recommend this author. I can't wait to get my hands on more of her books =)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A summer day in Montana

We went out and explored yesterday. There is a lot to see fairly close to home! We drove down south of Darby up to Painted Rocks Lake and then went on to Sula and drove around. Then we met family at the Rocky Knob and had dinner! It was a fun day! I thought I would share it in picurtes, of course =)

We found little tiny frog babies... they were everywhere!

Angus was forced to pose...

Then the boys were forced to pose....

I don't think they minded much =)

I wanted a serious shot too... that was harder!

Walking around I found a BUNCH of butterflies. They were fluttering everywhere and pretty shy. It was hard to get a good shot of them.

Then I found some dragonflies. It must be mating season. There were male and female dragonflies EVERYWHERE!
Then we found where the little tiny frogs came from! There was a muddy flat area that was home to hundreds of tadpoles.

When we drove over to Sula, there were Big Horn Sheep right along the road! This one came walking right up to my car window. So Cool...

They were licking and licking the dirt. I imagine they were getting some salt and minerals from it.

I think this one looks like she's smiling!

Captured at the restaurant...
This is my brother in law and his little baby. I LOVE this picture!

Monday, August 10, 2009


It's a farm life! I love looking out the window and seeing this....

Big B was out picking lettuce for our dinner and getting a little help from our "lawn mower" =)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Little L!!

Actually Little L's birthday was on the 7th of August. I'm just now getting around to posting about it! Bad Mama!!

He had a wonderful birthday. His Uncle Bob, my little brother, came up from Bozeman to celebrate this birthday with us. We were all so excited! Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperative and it POURED rain most of the day. So, we spent the day at Currents, an indoor water park in Missoula. Lucky us!

Then in the evening we had a little family get together with cake and ice cream. Hubby is usually in charge of the birthday cakes. He like to make them and decorate them himself. This year's takes the award for the most imaginative!! I've never seen anything like it =) I was calling it "The Heap". I think it really resembles one!

"The Heap"
It's actually supposed to be an asteroid that is being mined by the lego people. Can you see it??

Little L getting into his presents. He could hardly stand the waiting... all.... day..... long.....

I think he got everything he wanted! That is so important when you have your Golden Birthday... 7 Years old on the 7th!!

Happy Birthday Little L!! We love you =)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer is a Busy Time!

I'm sorry that I haven't been updating my blog lately. Summer is a VERY busy time on the farm =)

We have Miniature Horses for sale. Chickens that we are raising. Little L's birthday is coming up. I've been learning to sew and loving it!

Hubby has been trying to get onto the Missoula Police Force, but he didn't manage to get on in this hiring spree. We are crossing our fingers and praying that something comes up to get us through the winter. Hopefully he will get on in March of 2010. Sigh... We've been living in limbo for a year now and it can get very exhausting. Although my Gramms used to say, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."

Anyway, I thought I would share with you a few pictures from the miniature horse photo shoots we've been doing. I snapped a few of my Andalusian as well! Enjoy...

A two year old miniature horse gelding. He is so handsome! We've raised him from a baby.

A miniature horse yearling. We also raised him from a baby! He is such a sweetheart.

My Andalusian gelding, Destino. He is just so handsome! I never get tired of looking at him =)

This is a three year old gelding that we sold last year. We raised him from a baby as well! He is back learning to pull a cart. He's all grown up now!

Angus was a HUGE help with the photo session =)

This is a weanling stud colt born here this year. He is such a cutie pie!

He thought he was the MOST handsome!

I love this picture!