Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's all in the Family!

My In Laws have a pretty little farm down south of us a ways. I went there the other day to take some photos of my Father-In-Law's sheep, called Soay Sheep. They are an interesting breed of sheep and he has quite a herd going now! He started with just 10 and now has close to 30 head. He wants to sell a few, so I took some pictures so I could advertise them for him. Beware... this is going to be picture heavy! I couldn't decide which ones to post, so I'm posting them all!

These are the Soay sheep. I told Angus to STAY OUT while I went in to take pictures. Did he listen to me?? NO! He couldn't imagine that I was safe without him hiding between my feet, barking his fool head off at the sheep. There is safety in numbers and they advanced on me to check out Angus... REALLY? A few of the rams got pretty close, but when I would stand up they would high tail it out of there! I was amazed at how brave they were though!

Here they are wondering what I'm doing...

They are advancing a bit... but not too close.... yet...

Wooop! Here he is! All man and very handsome with those impressive horns...

A young ram. He was right there, guarding the girls too!

One of the many ewes.

Mama and baby. You should see these babies when they are born. They are so tiny! About the same size as 7 pound Angus!

I just love this one's face. She is so pretty!

My Father-In-Law has a lot going on around his little farm. He has ducks, chickens, geese, dogs, the sheep and I'm sure something else up his sleeve ;) He also has a big garden with lots of yummy veggies and berries.

Here is a mama chicken with her brood. I love that one little yellow chickie! Mama Chicken takes her job very seriously. Angus thought he might take a look at the babies. Afterall he gets to look at our baby ducks and chicks. This mama said NO WAY as she flew at him squaking and screeching. Angus ran to me for safety. I told him he was on his own.

Here is the little Duck family. You can just barely see the little yellow duckling. This mama duck kept it on the move...

Isn't she a pretty mama duck though? And if you look very closely at the left hand side of this photo you can see the baby.

And here is the extremely handsome Daddy duck. I just love the colors they have on their heads! Now I'm hoping that we have at least one boy duck in our little bunch =)

I hope you enjoyed your tour of the animal life on my Father-In-Law's farm! I sure had a good time snapping photos =)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Angus Update!

It's been awhile since there has been an Angus Update! He is just as cute as ever and sooo smart. He is constantly thinking up ways to get us to play with him. He LOVES to play fetch and will play for hours. He wears me out before I wear him out!

He is also an avid little hiker. He even goes along with me when I take Destino out hiking in the mountains. He stays close to us and is very conscious of Destino's big feet. It's pretty cute to see him with us. A tiny little dog and a big huge horse =) He is constantly proving to be the best dog we've ever had!!!

And this is the sunset we had last night! WOW! It was just before the thunder and lightning storm hit. I LOVE thunder and lightning storms. They can be so exciting!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Everythings Duckie!

I finally got my duckies! I have wanted few for the last two years and Hubby said "NO". Soooo I decided, with the help of Little L and Big B, to just go to Quality Supply and get a couple, when Hubby was at work =) Pretty tricky right!?

These little fuzzies are so cute! I just want to carry them around in my pocket, but I think they might get squished, so instead I look at them all the time. We've had them for about a week and they are starting to not be so scared when we peek in at them. I also got two chickies because I thought two ducks would be lonely =) These little chickies will lay green and blue eggs! So I'll have my beautiful brown eggs with a few green and blue eggs tossed in. Yum!

We don't know if the ducks are girls or boys, but it really doesn't matter. They will be well loved either way!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Day In Montana

I thought I would share a day in Montana with you!

We went hiking yesterday waaaayyyyy up high in the mountains. It was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. WOW. We all had a great time, even though the boys whined a lot on the way up. I like to think they enjoyed themselves in spite of that =)

On with the show!

This is a picture of the city of Hamilton, from WAAAAAAYYYY up on top of the mountain =)

A little "wild life"... LOL

"We have to go up where? How much farther is it?"
(This was at the beginning of the hike... It was only a mile and a half up, so three miles round trip. Geesh you would have thought we were making them climb Mount Everest!)

Halfway up, this is what we saw. WOW...

A quiet moment, resting.

Trying not to fall off the trail. It was pretty steep.

Finally we got to the top! Whew!

All my boys, well except for Angus who was sitting by me...

because of this cute little guy!! He was a pretty friendly little chipmunk. It would come almost right up to us and wasn't afraid at all! I think people hand feed it a lot.

Heading back down the trail. Here is Angus waiting for us slow pokes to catch up.

And this is what you do when you get home from a long day of hiking. You curl up in the hammock with your Daddy and read to him. Big B and Hubby snuggling =)

I hope you enjoyed our hike! At least you didn't get TICKS on you!! Yep, we came home and Hubby and Little L both had ticks on them. Little L had three, but only one attached and Hubby had two and they were both attached. Big B and I got off lucky, neither one of us had any. And neither did Angus, which is just AMAZING to me! Apparently the area we were in is knows for having a huge tick problem. We will find other places to hike this summer ;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Amazing Woman...

I ran across this while surfing the Share Parelli site. I am awed by this woman's vision. She is a remarkable woman! Please take some time to look over her website and keep her in your thoughts. This is a true "Horse Woman" and she is from Montana! I'm so proud =)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We have been sick... AGAIN... since Friday. Mother's Day was spent inside monitoring Big B and Little L as they both had fevers. Big B's fever went as high as 103.8! Whew! We watched them closely, pouring Vitamin Water and regular water down them as much as we could. Luckily they LOVE Vitamin Water so they never complained. Both did complain about body aches, sore throats, stuffy noses, head aches and both were extremely tired. Poor babies!

I would like to ask you to pray for my cousin Adriann. She has been in the hospital in Arizona for a few weeks with vasculitis. She is on dialysis, a plasma exchange and they brushed and cleaned her lungs as the vasculitis is in them as well. Her kidneys are trying to shut down, due to the vasculitis and she is in extreme pain. My Aunt Sara is down there with her to help care for Adriann's 15 month old daughter Baby M. My Uncle is flying down tomorrow and my Mom heads down sometime this week as well. Vasculitis is a lifetime of pain and management. Adriann will have to learn to live with it, change her diet to accomodate it and change her life because of it. It will be a very painful year for her until they can help her body manage it. Please keep her in your prayers!

Thank you =)

Little L sleeping, with Angus keeping watch.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today I got to mow my grass! I love to mow my grass. The farm looks so nice when it's all cleaned up with the grass nice and short. I have A LOT of grass to mow. Yesterday Hubby got me a new lawn mower and I LOVE it!

It doesn't have a motor, so it doesn't need gas, it doesn't need to be pull started, it doesn't sputter and die (for no apparent reason) and is pretty easy to push around the yard. I am thrilled with it! Also I get MAJOR exercise. I should be in GREAT shape by the end of the summer =) Maybe that's Hubby's plan.... Hmmm...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

More Baby Pictures!

He's awake! He's a bouncing baby boy and boy oh boy is he a handful! But we all love him, our Little Boy Bloo =)

Onto the show!

Taking a breakfast break!

Auntie watching the baby. She is soooo jealous and due to have her baby any day!!

The "Bloo" eye =)

He just itched an itch and looks ready to take off!

Just walking down the fence line with Mama.

Here's the Take Off!

All four feet are off the ground!

The End