Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm a Winner!!

Oh MY Goodness! I've WON!! I'm a winner!

My Bloggy friend and fellow horsewomen over at Dark Horse Farm Designs was having a giveaway and I'm the lucky winner. Please go check out her blog to see what wonderful thing I am now the proud owner of =) And please do leave her a comment about her wonderful products!

I found her in Mary Jane's Farm magazine (I LOVE this magazine it is chalk full of the most inspiring things, articles, pictures...). They did an article on Nancy's "Entre-manure" nature. She has two horses which produce up to 80 pounds of manure a day and she thriftily uses that manure to make compost. She then bags up the compost and shares it with friends and family! What a wonderful idea =) Lord knows we have enough manure here on the farm to share with EVERYONE!

If you have a few moments, please do go check out My Horse Blog to see what I was up to last week. I have posted some really fun pictures!