Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amazing Artwork!

My boys are truly artists. They amaze me with their abilities! I am constantly in awe of their talents.

Ben is amazing on a computer. I can't believe the things he just KNOWS! He doesn't get to do much at home on the computer, but at school they do some. It's awe inspiring that he can pick up what he does in that small amount of time.

Logan is so athletic. He could ride a two wheel bike when he was just 3 years old. He practically ran before he walked. He runs everywhere and can climb like a cat. He gets up on top of one of our sheds and struts around up there, just like Batman. I HAVE to get a picture of him up there in his full costume one of these days =) You would LOVE it!

Here is a sampling of Logan's artistic abilities. He drew these yesterday at school. He is 6 years old and in Kindergarten. He drew these without looking at a picture. They came straight from his own mind! Amazing!!

The Shark

The Whale


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Spring On The Farm!!

Spring is here, even though the weather doesn't think so... It's been snowing and blowing here. Yuck!

But we have a baby! I love spring, when the babies start coming. It's the BEST!

Here is the proud Mama... Sky.

Here is the sweet baby. Pictured here with a totally 'thrilled' Angus. Just to give you an idea of size! In case you're confused... this is a Miniature Horse baby =)

He is so tired! It's so hard to be born into this cold, windy world! What a sweet heart he is...

Here is a shot of his little lips. It looks like his lower lip has lipstick =)

And a close up of his little tiny face...

He has one blue eye and one partial blue eye. He was too tired to open his eyes for this photo shoot. I'll have to wait for a warm day! He also has 4 tall white stockings, from his little feet all the way up to his knees. He's going to be a knock out!

I think my Mom is going to name him, "Sky's Little Boy Blue".

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Showers around here are quite the dramatic event. First Big B went in. He can start his own shower, then in a few minutes I hear "MOM!!!" I drag myself into the bathroom so I can tell him if all the soap is rinsed out of his hair. Then I have to tell him to rinse his face because you never heard someone scream so loud when he had soap in his eyes. (Or maybe that was me..... hmmmm...)

Then it's Little L's turn. He gets in, only after carefully putting his costume up so it won't get wet. I have to help him wash his hair. He thinks he is incapable of washing his own hair. He thinks that if he washes his own hair, he will surely get soap in his eyes. Sometimes he gets soap in his eyes when I wash his hair... he seems to forget that if he just keeps his eyes closed, the soap will. not. get. in. So during this process one whole side of my body gets a shower. My sleeve is still wet as I type.

But the bright side of all this is that while I waited for Logan to get done washing up, I plucked my eyebrows! Last summer I decided that it was silly to pay someone $15 to wax my fluffy eyebrows, so I paid $15 for a fancy pair of of tweezers (and man do they work! They yank the WHOLE thing out, root and all!! Yeeeouch!) and I tweeze them myself.

Here's my handy work!
(I would never put up a before picture... so don't even ask!)
Sorry about the zombie eyes. It's REALLY hard to take a picture of yourself!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh Beautiful Day!

Today was so warm, sunny and WINDY! Holy Moly was it windy! I still found myself outside, unable to tear myself away from the warmth of the Sun.

I felt like a little chat, so I called my girlfriends....

They came running...

This is Xena, Warrior Princess =)

Miss Henrietta, she is so friendly, Big B carries her around all the time and hand feeds her often.

Then I couldn't resist a few of Destino...

Look at that sky!
And his soft, kind eye.
Whew! That's all for today!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well I've been very busy so far this spring. Every day I must make time to play with Destino and my two boys, and remember to NOT leave out Hubby!! Whew!

Little L all dressed up... Batman!

Big B taking a break.

Also in the last week or so I've finished up my book, "Step By Step Guide to Training Your Miniature Horse to Drive." I took all the photographs last summer, then drew the drawings I needed just last week. I've labeled everything, read it a couple of times and now I'm ready to take it to the printer! I'm going to have about 50 books printed up at Staples, then I'll bring the pages home and bind then into books myself. I'm so excited to get this out there!! I think it will help a lot of people and their horses =)

I've started a horsey type blog over at Ladybug Farm Enterprises. I've only just started it, so there are only 3 posts there now. I hope to get a lot more posted this summer as I spend time learning and playing with Destino. My idea is that the blog will be a kind of diary, logging my journey with Destino. Maybe I can eventually bind all the memories together into a helpful book!

I have so many dreams. I will have to live to be at least 120 to see them all come true =) It's a good goal anyway...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt!!

Every year my Mom and Step Dad have a BIG Easter Egg hunt over at their house. This year was no disappointment!! There were TONS and HEAPS of eggs to be found! You should have seen the HUGE bowl of candy that we had on the counter... most of it's gone and I can raise my hand and say that I ate most of the M & M's... What can I say!? They are my favorite. Luckily only Little L shares my chocolate passion. Hubby and Big B like the jelly beans =) More for meeeeee!

Onto the show! This is going to be fun! You had better get your cup of coffee to drink while you look... there are A LOT of pictures coming!

Here's Big B waiting for the Hunt to Begin!

Little L waiting... He was trying to be patient =)

And it begins!!

Big B is striding around, trying to get to the eggs first! He is so serious...

Angus was no about to be left out of the fun! He tried so hard to keep up his "brothers".

"I think you have more than me."

"The Easter Bunny was tricky this year..."

Can you spot the egg??

He's looking up, but doesn't see it.

Darn! Brother spotted it first!

Can you spot the egg?

There it is!!

Can you spot the egg?

Hmmm, where could it be??

Man! This Easter Bunny is tricky!

Ah Ha!

It seems like it's a bit of a race. Notice that Big B lost an egg... Angus had serious thoughts that it should be his. But he couldn't pick it up!

Angus found his treat... a little piece of rope. He is still carrying it around!

WOW this is only one basket! They had so many eggs that when we walked home they were falling out of their baskets the whole way! Total JACKPOT!!
I hope you enjoyed our Easter day! We sure did. It was a BLAST!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Our family would like to wish yours a Happy Easter! I hope it's full of wonderful things, shared with family, topped off with lots of smiles and laughter.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


"When I was in Mommies tummy I could see out." Little L says.

"How could you see?" Hubby asked.

"Through her belly button." Little L answered.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Walk

The weather here has been pretty crazy this last week. We've had warm, sunny weather and then in the next minute it's raining, then it turns to snow. Some places, here in Montana, have had as much as 6 inches of snow in just a few hours. Sigh... Here it is April 5th and we are still having a little winter...

BUT today the sun is shining and it's supposed to be WARM!! I'm so excited!

The boys and I were so excited for this break in the weather that we took a walk yesterday. The early evening was fairly nice yesterday, just a little breeze, just a little chill in the air. We had a great time down by the creek.

Big B climbing a tree. The trees down there are so perfect for climbing on.

Little L walking across the new "bridge". They were so excited to see this. The bridge they made years ago, was washed away last year when the creek flooded. This bridge is much heavier duty then the other was.

Little L contemplating the bridge... will it hold? The other one was kind of saggy in the middle and not very sturdy. He really doesn't want to fall in the creek =)

Big B fishing. He asked, "Are there fish in this creek?" I said Yes. Then he asked "They why aren't they biting on my stick?" Oh to be a little boy!

Angus stalking around. There is A LOT to smell down there. It's a full time job.

Big B telling me something VERY important.

This is the neighbor mule. She came over for a visit Friday afternoon. There was much excitement here on the farm. Destino was beside himself with desire for this beauty.

"Move over, I want this hay pile!"