Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ladybug Farm Introduces...

With all the information about Blogging and Mommy Bloggers on t.v. and on the internet I thought I would join in on the fun!

Our family lives on a small farm that we share with 3 Miniature Horses, an Andalusian stud colt, and 3 dogs (a German Shepherd, a Mutt and a Miniature Australian Shepherd). We will have an small addition in June, when I pick up my new puppy from my cousin! The new puppy is a Shorkie and the cutest dang little thing ever! I have named him Angus (he is puppy #3 on her blog site) and we as a family are very excited to be welcoming our new puppy and the first small dog any of us have ever had. To see these adorable puppies please go to Heather's blog site at http://shorkies.blogspot.com/. Heather is a single mother, trying to put herself through college. The sale of the puppies will be a HUGE help to her and her girls!

I have now become addicted to knitting tiny little puppy sweaters. He is going to have so many sweaters and sweatshirts that I will have to change his clothes several times a day, just so he can wear his whole wardrobe!

Here is a picture of the most recently finished sweater. It is a cute little thing with a hood (my first attempt at knitting a hood!) and two little green dog bone buttons on the tummy.

See the little green dog bone buttons?!

Below is a cute little blue sweater that I knitted for Angus as well. Unfortunately I think it is too small for him already! It will look very cute on stuffy though!

And last for this group is a picture of the little red sweatshirt that I bought him on eBay. I also bought a superman iron on patch and put it on for him. Won't he be the cutest little super hero dog!? (pictured on an old iron dog that I use as a door stopper... now he is my model for doggie sweaters.)


I am a stay at home Mom with 2 boys. My oldest is 31 (just kidding! That's my hubby, but sometimes he feels like one of the boys lol.) My oldest is 7 years old and my youngest is 5. They keep me hopping all the time.

My Hubby, Craig.

This is a picture of me on our family trip to California. We went there to pick up our Andalusian stud colt and had a GREAT time on the beach!!

Between being a Mom and a wife, I fit in horse training as well. I have a website all about my horses, training and photography at Ladybug Farm.

This blog is going to be dedicated to my family, my dogs and fun photos! Hopefully we will be able to entertain some people along the way!

This handsome young man is Ben. He has just recently lost his two front teeth. That was an ordeal let me tell you! Those front teeth are stubborn things and don't like to fall out. They were stuck pretty well, but only on one side, so they would push sideways in his mouth all the time. Talk about making it hard to eat! So we managed to wrangle those suckers out!

The boys just recently got a motorcycle. The deal was that when both of them could ride their bikes without training wheels they could get a motorcycle. Logan, the youngest could ride without training wheels as a 3 year old, but Ben took a little longer. So this spring they were finally able to get a motorcycle! Hubby said only one for now, he doesn't think he's up for keeping up with two little boys zipping around the farm!

Totally cool dude!

He was so focused on giving me the thumbs up sign that he ended up tipping the bike over. That didn't slow him down though! He sprang up and gave me TWO thumbs up!!

Watching little brother ride.

Logan is 5 years old. He is my youngest. He is also a major charmer! He says things like, "Mommy your butt looks big, but you are so beautiful!" I swear!

Dressing up. He thought he looked like Darth Vader here.

Logan pictured here with Dad, getting a coaching lesson.

Here's a fun shot of the boys in a parade. We drive our Miniature Horses in parades all summer and sometimes we have to dress up. In this parade the horses wore little fairy wings, as my Mom, little sister and I did. But the boys didn't want to wear wings, so they were wood nymphs!

A nice view from the front door:

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