Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years Eve!

My Hubby is pretty boring on New Years Eve day. He NEVER wants to go out and celebrate!

Here in Missoula they have "First Night". It's where you pay a small fee and get into all kinds of different things, live bands, dancing, plays, ect. It's totally kid friendly, no drinking or inappropriate behavior.

It's held up at the college.

It's totally fun.

In the 8 years that we have lived here, we have only gone once. I really want to take the boys tonight, but Hubby says he doesn't want to go =(

We'll see... maybe I can talk him into it!!

What are you doing for New Years??


Jillene said...

I am having a party at my house. It is always too hard to find a babysitter on New Year's Eve so I invite all of my friends and their families over and we have a littl party of our own.

Happy New Year!!

Betty said...

Awww, sorry to hear about that Mindy! But I do understand. I have to talk my hubby into many things we do (or that I want to do), but later he is thankful I did, because he enjoyed it so much. So go him into it!
Happy New year!!

DeenaL said...

Hi! Happy New Year! We are doing nothing for New Years. I had my fill of going out when I played in the band. I'll probably be in bed by 10:00. Hope you have a great one, though. Keep talking to Craig, maybe he'll change his mind.
Aunt D

Loriann said...

Hey Mindy,
We aren't going out, we always pray the new year in... the girls and I plan lots of games and we make snacks, and pray the new year in, then we go to bed and sleep in, somewhat.
We decide long ago that we don't want the girls out this night when they are older, so we started a family tradition, and now it is always the same... this year we are inviting Zachary and Carissa, our neice and nephew over, to sleep over, and join us. As the kids grow older, we will allow them to invite friends over, with the stipulation that no one leaves until morning, and no drinking... then it will be a common thing to be here, and invite friends over... we would rather have them safe at home, than being on the road with the partiers...

hope that you all have a blessed night and new year... Love to all, Lori and girls

Susan said...

Hope you got to go to the celebration. Sometimes you just have to decided to do things on your own and then hope they decide to go with you and enjoy the fun!
I enjoyed reading your blog.

Paula said...

Happy New Years to you. I worked last night and came home and had a little party for hubby and my two grandkids who have recently moved in. Then I held back her hair while the little girl was sick!!!! What a way to welcome the new year.

pam said...

I have heard a lot of those first night celebrations, but have never been to them.

We stayed home, the kids were in bed at 7:30, and we watched tv.

Happy New Year