Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Question for You

What is one thing that you want to be remembered for?

If there was only one thing that you could be remembered for would it be that you kept a clean house?

Or that you were REALLY good at laundry?

Or that you were a whiz at doing the dishes?

Or that your kids smiled every time you came in the room?

Or that your kids LOVED playing with you?

Or that your kids LOVED cuddling with you? (My youngest told me he didn't want me to loose weight because then I wouldn't be so soft to snuggle up to =) That sounds like a perfect reason to keep eating cookies and drinking frappes!)

Mmmmm.... something to think about.


Betty said...

Yes, I agree....something to think about!

annie kelleher said...

i'd like to be remembered for the books i write. and i dont care so much whether strangers remember me.. but i like the idea that some day, 100 years after im gone, one of my great great grandchilden will be able to take one of my books off a shelf and say... your great great great grandmother wrote this. my only fear is that no one will know how to read beyond LOL and TTFN!!!! :)))

Jillene said...

GREAT post!! I don't know what I would be remembered for--probably yelling--I am really good at it!!

Loriann said...

Hi, All, I have been really thinking about this lately, especially since Hannah has been so sick so often... These are what I have come up with...
1. I want to be remembered for showing others Jesus through me.
2. I want to be remembered for my loving hands.
3. I want to be remembered for having the home everyone wanted to come to, open door policy, just don't look at the mess... (O:
4. I want to be remembered for having a honest answer, even when it hurts.
5. I want to be remembered for running throught the sprinkler, in other folks yards, just because it is hot out.
6. I want to be remembered for loving everyone the same, and always making each person feel special reguardless of who they are or where they come from.
7. I want to be remembered for being there when someone needed me.

I know there are more, but like I said we have been thinking on these for a while. (O:
Hope you all have a blessed week.

Anonymous said...

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