Thursday, April 23, 2009


Showers around here are quite the dramatic event. First Big B went in. He can start his own shower, then in a few minutes I hear "MOM!!!" I drag myself into the bathroom so I can tell him if all the soap is rinsed out of his hair. Then I have to tell him to rinse his face because you never heard someone scream so loud when he had soap in his eyes. (Or maybe that was me..... hmmmm...)

Then it's Little L's turn. He gets in, only after carefully putting his costume up so it won't get wet. I have to help him wash his hair. He thinks he is incapable of washing his own hair. He thinks that if he washes his own hair, he will surely get soap in his eyes. Sometimes he gets soap in his eyes when I wash his hair... he seems to forget that if he just keeps his eyes closed, the soap will. not. get. in. So during this process one whole side of my body gets a shower. My sleeve is still wet as I type.

But the bright side of all this is that while I waited for Logan to get done washing up, I plucked my eyebrows! Last summer I decided that it was silly to pay someone $15 to wax my fluffy eyebrows, so I paid $15 for a fancy pair of of tweezers (and man do they work! They yank the WHOLE thing out, root and all!! Yeeeouch!) and I tweeze them myself.

Here's my handy work!
(I would never put up a before picture... so don't even ask!)
Sorry about the zombie eyes. It's REALLY hard to take a picture of yourself!!

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Betty said...

Looking good. You really do have much more hair in your eyebrows, than me.

Have a good weekend!