Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt!!

Every year my Mom and Step Dad have a BIG Easter Egg hunt over at their house. This year was no disappointment!! There were TONS and HEAPS of eggs to be found! You should have seen the HUGE bowl of candy that we had on the counter... most of it's gone and I can raise my hand and say that I ate most of the M & M's... What can I say!? They are my favorite. Luckily only Little L shares my chocolate passion. Hubby and Big B like the jelly beans =) More for meeeeee!

Onto the show! This is going to be fun! You had better get your cup of coffee to drink while you look... there are A LOT of pictures coming!

Here's Big B waiting for the Hunt to Begin!

Little L waiting... He was trying to be patient =)

And it begins!!

Big B is striding around, trying to get to the eggs first! He is so serious...

Angus was no about to be left out of the fun! He tried so hard to keep up his "brothers".

"I think you have more than me."

"The Easter Bunny was tricky this year..."

Can you spot the egg??

He's looking up, but doesn't see it.

Darn! Brother spotted it first!

Can you spot the egg?

There it is!!

Can you spot the egg?

Hmmm, where could it be??

Man! This Easter Bunny is tricky!

Ah Ha!

It seems like it's a bit of a race. Notice that Big B lost an egg... Angus had serious thoughts that it should be his. But he couldn't pick it up!

Angus found his treat... a little piece of rope. He is still carrying it around!

WOW this is only one basket! They had so many eggs that when we walked home they were falling out of their baskets the whole way! Total JACKPOT!!
I hope you enjoyed our Easter day! We sure did. It was a BLAST!

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Betty said...

Great photos!! We didn´t have a hunt this year, but I enjoyed yours!