Thursday, September 3, 2009


Okay, Big B swallowed a magnate, night before last. We have been waiting for it to 'show itself'. This is the conversation I was just in...

"I pooped!" Big B says. (by the way he is 9!! What in the heck is he doing putting a magnet in his mouth!?)

"Oh great!" I say. "Hubby! Big B pooped!" (sharing the news)

"What?" Hubby says. Yea right...

"It's diarrhea." Big B says.

"It's diarrhea!" I call to Hubby.

Ok, so he is the one that had this great idea to put on a rubber glove and squeeze the poop between his fingers to try to find the magnet. I figure, he's the one with the idea, he should be the one to DO it.

"What?" Hubby says again. "I'm writing."

"I'm writing too." I say.

A HUGE sigh comes from the office and Hubby drags himself past me to the bathroom.

"I can't BELIEVE you swallowed a magnet!" Hubby says to Big B.

"I'm going to my happy place, I'm NOT touching poop right now. Uggggggg, fhewwwt, shhhhhh, mmmmmmm, hrumpf." Hubby groans.

"Found the magnet! We found the magnet!" Many boy voices call from the bathroom.

THANK GOD! (especially Thank God that I didn't have to put my hand in the poop to find the slippery little devil...)

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Loriann said...

Hey Mindy,
I am laughing so hard right now.... been there! Luckily he only swallowed one, when our friends daughter was little, she swallowed three, at different times, not fun, they didn't come out, and made a large blockage....they stuck togetherin her intestines, surgery had to be done, and they had to remove part of the childs intestines to repair the damage. I am so glad it was only one. God is good! Love to all!
Much Love and prayers,
Lori and girls