Thursday, September 3, 2009


Thankfully it seems that everything is going to be alright! The hay looks remarkably good. It's green and drying well. It even smells good! Whew!

Xena is also doing well. She is very sore and doesn't move around much, but at least she is still alive. Her wound is rather yucky, but she keeps it tucked away under her wing, so I don't imagine it's getting much air. In my opinion that is a good and bad thing. If it was out in the air, the flies would be difficult to manage. As it is they are always hovering near her. She keeps a sharp eye out and when one lands, SNAP! She eats it.

Here is she all snuggly in the little hen house. We are trying to decide how to get the big hen house over to the circle drive. It's heavy and won't be easy to move, but I think we MUST. Right now the other three hens roost on the roof of the little hen house. It's not big enough for them all to fit inside. I have it penned off just for Xena right now anyway. I don't want any chickies in there bossing her around. Mostly they are very kind to her, but they do encourage her to move a lot. In my opinion she needs rest. And lots of it!

Thanks for all your kind thoughts!

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