Thursday, October 29, 2009


Okay, so here's what's up!

I rented a cute little house in the town of Ennis on Tuesday. When we went around and looked at houses before, we couldn't get into this one. So I waited to make my choice until I saw it and it's perfect! It's three years old and VERY clean. It's got two bedrooms downstairs, a full bathroom and then a toilet in the HUGE laundry room. Then upstairs there is a little bedroom (there isn't a closet so technically it's not considered a bedroom) and a "great" room. The boys will be up there.

The boys were thrilled to hear that the house has stairs... they have a thing about stairs, I don't know why, but they LOVE them.

Hubby had some orientation on Tuesday, filled out important paper work and was issued a badge, a car and a hand gun! He says it's starting to feel real.

And ladies!!! Boy oh boy does Hubby look Handsome in his uniform!! I can't wait to post some pictures for you!! Whew, I'm feeling light headed ;)

We stayed the night in Ennis this time. I rented a cute little cabin along the river, it was only $60 and we could have Angus there! Neither one of us could sleep with all the excitement and talking about what we need to do. They would like Hubby over there on Wednesday Nov. 4th. His schedule will be Wed - Sat, 4 10 hour days and then have Sun, Mon, and Tues off.

Oh this is all so exciting!! We will be living in town and can WALK EVERYWHERE! I can walk the boys to school and then walk wherever I need to go in town. The grocery store is a little farther away, but Hubby said I can get a bike and then I'll really be mobile. (I'm so tired of having to drive everywhere. I plan to mostly just park the car and be active... I'm also planning on losing A LOT of weight!!)

I have a friend in Sheridan (that's about 45 minutes from Ennis) that is going to let me take Destino and Annabelle to her house for the winter. Meantime I'll look for a place to board them closer to Ennis (hopefully within biking distance.)

That's what's happening in our neck of the woods!! I'll post pictures when we get there...


Heather said...

Oh my gosh! Even though I already knew all this, just reading your newest blog has me sooooo excited! I can't wait til you post pictures of the new house! How is everyone this morning? Yesterday must have been just exhausting! Hope you are all doing well and having fun unpacking!
Love ya all~ Heather

Loriann said...

yeah! I am so glad that God still answers prayers! We are continuing to pray, and know that it will be good. Hope that you have a blessed week! Love to all, Lori and girls