Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The New House!!

Okay you guys! Here ya go! Pictures of the new house. We LOVE it. Even Hubby said he thinks he likes it more than the house we built =) It's just so cute and with the upstairs it gets the boys toys out of the living room. They have the bed room for sleeping and then the "Great Room" for their toys. It's AWESOME!

On to the pictures!

The front of the house, with my Dad standing on the porch.

The back of the house, with Angus sniffing around in the grass.

The sidewalk out to the garage. We get one stall in the garage and then a little storage alcove. There is an apartment above the garage that they rent out as well.

A shot of the living room from the front door. You can see Hubby in the kitchen...

Here is the living room shot from the kitchen.

A shot of the hallway. On the left is the main bathroom, the next door is the office, then a closet and around the corner to the right is our bedroom.

Our bedroom. Sorry about the mess! We are still putting everything together...

A shot up the stairs from the front door. Big B is standing at the top, with his paper airplane. (The ONLY thing they can throw down the stairs...)

A shot of the Boy's bedroom, taken before we set up the beds.

A shot of the "Great Room". The boys have all their toys, books and desks in this room. It makes it nicer when we tuck them in at night. I don't step on legos stuck in the carpet! Yea!

This is the laundry room. There is a sink and a toilet in here! It's awesome and sooo big.

So that's it! The new place.

Ennis is such a friendly town. When we went to the bank yesterday to open an account, the bank lady was so excited to meet us, she went and got other people to introduce us to. It was pretty fun listening to Hubby talk about being a Deputy Sheriff and see people's reactions to that. They are very happy and supportive of him. The propane ladies were hysterical. They were very chatty and funny. We had a great time getting our propane!

Today we want to go up to the school and meet the boy's teachers. I was thinking the boys wouldn't start school until Monday, but it may be sooner. They are pretty wild and starting school may help settle them in faster. Little L is very nervous and worried about school, but I think he'll like it. The bank lady's son is in his class and she was so welcoming and sweet. She told him that she would talk with her son about helping Little L around on his first day. I think that made him feel a little better.

Hopefully we'll get our phone/internet figured out today. I'm sitting at the little local Coffee Shop writing this (they don't have a plug that accommodates my computer plug in so I'm running off my battery) having internet at home would be nice =) It's been really busy here this morning!

Thanks for all your kind words and for keeping our family in your thoughts and prayers!! We really appreciate you guys!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mindy! This whole "Blogging" thing is new to me. I had fun reading all your postings, and catching up on what's been going on. We miss ya, but it was nice to see the new house pictures. I can picture you there. Be happy!!

Jen & the Skilly Boys