Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holy Deer! And Snow!!

The deer here are crazy! They walk around in people's yards and are not too afraid of us as we walk around and go about our days. They aren't tame. You can't walk up and pet them or anything. (I had visions of 6 or so of them hitched to a sleigh this winter... just like Santa!) They are wild, just accustomed to people and town life!

A young buck walking through. I tried to get him to look, but he wouldn't.

A couple of does. They were more alert. This picture was taken in our side yard...

A close up. Isn't she pretty??

Then we woke up this morning to THIS!!!
This is the very same side yard that the does are standing in. I took the picture of the does LAST NIGHT!!

Our front door with the snow falling down through the tree...

The end of main street. All snowy!

The boys and I walked to school this morning. Well I walked anyway. They spent a lot of time on their knees or rolling around in the snow =) My eyelashes were plastered with snow and ice by the time I got back home. Brrrrrrrrrr!

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Heather said...

I wondered about you guys...Bozo had 16 inches @ MSU! Holy moly! We were lucky to have about 3 inches. Except in the mountains, I have a client who lives about 10miles out of and above town and they had about 6 inches. I had to borrow one of the RNs 4X4s to get up there! lol Hope everything is going you all tons!