Friday, February 26, 2010


We went to Bozeman today, the boys and me. We went to the book store and had a GREAT time. I got The Daily Coyote. I'm so excited!!

BEFORE that we made a stop at my Auntie D's house to hold, cuddle and photograph the CUTEST puppies EVER!

What a fun day we had!!

This one is named Liam.

And this one is Quinn... He is spoken for!
(No not by me... but I will admit it was tempting. See puppy below.)

This one is Gigi and the puppy that stole all three of our hearts.
Not only is she named after my Gramms, but she is ADORABLE!!

This sweet little one is Lola. She is so quiet and snuggly!

And last but certainly not least is Hannah. I loved her little white toes!!

To see more about these adorable puppies go to
Royal Haven Shorkies.

I'll share more puppies tomorrow. I don't want you to die of cuteness!!!


Sara said...

They are adorable!!!!! I wish we were moved and were ready to get Rodger's mom and dad a dog!!!!

Nursing Class of December 2011 said...

Doesn't Quinn look like he could be very mischievious? lol