Sunday, February 7, 2010


Shooting? Us? Yep, we went shooting this weekend. Talk about weird! This is what we will be doing as a family on the weekends. Hubby needs to practice handling his hand gun and it's a good time to do a little hiking. I just have to be aware of where Hubby is =)

Gentry handled the shooting great! He jumped around a little after the first one or two shots, but after that he didn't even bat an eye. Angus was another story, but was tucked away safely in my jacket. All warm and safe.

Anyway, it was a fun afternoon! Onto the pictures...

Gentry posing so nicely!

Gentry being silly! Angus keeping up nicely.

The Boys climbing up an icy, slippery hill. I did not climb this. Instead I walked up the perfectly nice, snowy road and found the state land we were looking for.

The boys coming down the hill towards me. Hubby went back for the truck.

I love this shot.

My Boys.

Little L climbing a tree.

Big B made a snow elephant =)

And Hubby shooting!

Kneeling and shooting. I think they start shooting in school this week. They have to do all sorts of things like, shoot kneeling, from the hip, one handed, shoot with their weak hand, load the gun one handed, ect. So he was practicing some of these things.

That was our outing!

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