Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Exercise... for the last... oh.... 9 years that has been a BAD word in my house.

BUT, I've recently learned how wonderful exercise can be! I'm not talking about aerobics, weight lifting, riding a stationary bike, ect.

I'm talking about getting out and moving your body, smelling the fresh air, looking at the trees, the animals, the clouds, the blue sky, the river. Moving in a loose, relaxed way. Relaxing your hips, your shoulders, your arms and just moving through the world.

It's so amazing!

THEN, get your kids out there! My Boys complain and complain almost the whole time we are walking, but they also laugh, and find "walking" sticks, and dig in the dirt and play at the playground that we walk to after school. I think deep, deep down, they LOVE it. At least that's what I tell myself =)

When they ask me why I make them walk everyday. I answer them that school doesn't allow for enough exercise and I want my boys to be happy, healthy kids. With the nation struggling with obesity especially in our children I think a nice brisk walk every day is a GREAT habit to get our kids into.

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