Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Days and Days

My Loving Cousin brought it to my attention that I have been neglecting my Blog, thereby neglecting you! The email that I got this morning started with, "Are you dead?" LOL

Well I'm not dead! Maybe one day closer, but not gone yet =) I have been very busy here on the farm, cleaning, tearing down old, saggy fences, brushing the shedding horse, cleaning up the piles and piles of manure that accumulated all winter. Now I need to clean out my chicken house, clean up more manure, plant a little garden (since we aren't sure how long we'll be here on the farm, we might as well settle in for the summer and that includes some planting!) I need to do some major spring cleaning. Then the farm will be ready for people to come look! Hopefully they show up in HOARDS!! Maybe so many people will want it, there will be a bidding war and we'll get twice the asking price!

Okay, so I live in my own little "Mindy" world. It's really nice here, always sunny and warm, I have lots of chocolate, frappes and cookies, and I NEVER gain a pound! Yep, it's pretty nice here in Mindy World. Stop by anytime! I always enjoy company =)


Helen said...

Hello Mindy,

I have just emailed you the link you asked for to my blog and come to look at yours. It sounds as though you are having a tough time too. Destino is beautiful and I hope that you can keep him. Dreams are so important aren't they, and, if you're anything like me, horses are at the heart of them.

I am having to sell all our cattle and may have to sell the farm too, but as long as I can keep my horses I'll survive. I couldn't go on without them and my dogs.

Very best wishes to you. Life can be a very rough ride, can't it?

Heather said...

You are sooooo whacked! Sadly, that is probably what has kept us so close over the years! LOL So glad to see your wit back on the blog...I've missed it! Happy cleaning and poop scooping! I'm hoping the girls and I can get over sometime in the next few weeks...whenever I figure out exactly what my schedule is going to be like! Love you!

Loriann said...

Hi mindy,
So glad you are there... I think we all live in our own little worlds, it helps us cope.... We continue to pray for you all daily. Hope that you have a happy spring... Love to all. Lori and girls