Sunday, May 24, 2009

Angus Update!

It's been awhile since there has been an Angus Update! He is just as cute as ever and sooo smart. He is constantly thinking up ways to get us to play with him. He LOVES to play fetch and will play for hours. He wears me out before I wear him out!

He is also an avid little hiker. He even goes along with me when I take Destino out hiking in the mountains. He stays close to us and is very conscious of Destino's big feet. It's pretty cute to see him with us. A tiny little dog and a big huge horse =) He is constantly proving to be the best dog we've ever had!!!

And this is the sunset we had last night! WOW! It was just before the thunder and lightning storm hit. I LOVE thunder and lightning storms. They can be so exciting!


Betty said...

Love the sunset! And Angus is cute as ever!

Lucy said...

Wow, what gorgeous pics!! Have you got that view from your house?