Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's all in the Family!

My In Laws have a pretty little farm down south of us a ways. I went there the other day to take some photos of my Father-In-Law's sheep, called Soay Sheep. They are an interesting breed of sheep and he has quite a herd going now! He started with just 10 and now has close to 30 head. He wants to sell a few, so I took some pictures so I could advertise them for him. Beware... this is going to be picture heavy! I couldn't decide which ones to post, so I'm posting them all!

These are the Soay sheep. I told Angus to STAY OUT while I went in to take pictures. Did he listen to me?? NO! He couldn't imagine that I was safe without him hiding between my feet, barking his fool head off at the sheep. There is safety in numbers and they advanced on me to check out Angus... REALLY? A few of the rams got pretty close, but when I would stand up they would high tail it out of there! I was amazed at how brave they were though!

Here they are wondering what I'm doing...

They are advancing a bit... but not too close.... yet...

Wooop! Here he is! All man and very handsome with those impressive horns...

A young ram. He was right there, guarding the girls too!

One of the many ewes.

Mama and baby. You should see these babies when they are born. They are so tiny! About the same size as 7 pound Angus!

I just love this one's face. She is so pretty!

My Father-In-Law has a lot going on around his little farm. He has ducks, chickens, geese, dogs, the sheep and I'm sure something else up his sleeve ;) He also has a big garden with lots of yummy veggies and berries.

Here is a mama chicken with her brood. I love that one little yellow chickie! Mama Chicken takes her job very seriously. Angus thought he might take a look at the babies. Afterall he gets to look at our baby ducks and chicks. This mama said NO WAY as she flew at him squaking and screeching. Angus ran to me for safety. I told him he was on his own.

Here is the little Duck family. You can just barely see the little yellow duckling. This mama duck kept it on the move...

Isn't she a pretty mama duck though? And if you look very closely at the left hand side of this photo you can see the baby.

And here is the extremely handsome Daddy duck. I just love the colors they have on their heads! Now I'm hoping that we have at least one boy duck in our little bunch =)

I hope you enjoyed your tour of the animal life on my Father-In-Law's farm! I sure had a good time snapping photos =)

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Nancy said...

I love your menagerie! That "ram"(?) is absolutely stunning!