Monday, May 18, 2009

A Day In Montana

I thought I would share a day in Montana with you!

We went hiking yesterday waaaayyyyy up high in the mountains. It was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. WOW. We all had a great time, even though the boys whined a lot on the way up. I like to think they enjoyed themselves in spite of that =)

On with the show!

This is a picture of the city of Hamilton, from WAAAAAAYYYY up on top of the mountain =)

A little "wild life"... LOL

"We have to go up where? How much farther is it?"
(This was at the beginning of the hike... It was only a mile and a half up, so three miles round trip. Geesh you would have thought we were making them climb Mount Everest!)

Halfway up, this is what we saw. WOW...

A quiet moment, resting.

Trying not to fall off the trail. It was pretty steep.

Finally we got to the top! Whew!

All my boys, well except for Angus who was sitting by me...

because of this cute little guy!! He was a pretty friendly little chipmunk. It would come almost right up to us and wasn't afraid at all! I think people hand feed it a lot.

Heading back down the trail. Here is Angus waiting for us slow pokes to catch up.

And this is what you do when you get home from a long day of hiking. You curl up in the hammock with your Daddy and read to him. Big B and Hubby snuggling =)

I hope you enjoyed our hike! At least you didn't get TICKS on you!! Yep, we came home and Hubby and Little L both had ticks on them. Little L had three, but only one attached and Hubby had two and they were both attached. Big B and I got off lucky, neither one of us had any. And neither did Angus, which is just AMAZING to me! Apparently the area we were in is knows for having a huge tick problem. We will find other places to hike this summer ;)

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Betty said...

Wow! I wish we had place to hike to like that. It was really beautiful and I´m sure you enjoyed your day! Thanks for sharing the awesome pic´s!