Thursday, August 13, 2009

A summer day in Montana

We went out and explored yesterday. There is a lot to see fairly close to home! We drove down south of Darby up to Painted Rocks Lake and then went on to Sula and drove around. Then we met family at the Rocky Knob and had dinner! It was a fun day! I thought I would share it in picurtes, of course =)

We found little tiny frog babies... they were everywhere!

Angus was forced to pose...

Then the boys were forced to pose....

I don't think they minded much =)

I wanted a serious shot too... that was harder!

Walking around I found a BUNCH of butterflies. They were fluttering everywhere and pretty shy. It was hard to get a good shot of them.

Then I found some dragonflies. It must be mating season. There were male and female dragonflies EVERYWHERE!
Then we found where the little tiny frogs came from! There was a muddy flat area that was home to hundreds of tadpoles.

When we drove over to Sula, there were Big Horn Sheep right along the road! This one came walking right up to my car window. So Cool...

They were licking and licking the dirt. I imagine they were getting some salt and minerals from it.

I think this one looks like she's smiling!

Captured at the restaurant...
This is my brother in law and his little baby. I LOVE this picture!


Loriann said...

so sweet! Thanks for sharing! Much love and prayers, lori and girls

Loriann said...

Thank you Mrs. Mindy for the prayers. Guess what.... daddy gave me a pocket knife, and I am nine and a half, I am suprised he didn't say no.
And I am so Happy. I have a friend named Noah, he is sick too. bye

love hannah