Sunday, August 30, 2009


Farming is hard work. It's hard work all the time. If you have animals, it's hard work in the winter too. You have to break ice in their water tanks, haul hay around, make sure they are healthy and well. In the summer time you have to water the hay, then have it cut, or cut it yourself, if you have the equipment. (We've watched our neighbor this summer and last. His equipment breaks down more than it runs!) You have to worry about weeds, storms, GRASSHOPPERS! Sigh...

But it is a pretty life! Life on a farm is full of baby animals, chickens following you around, horses talking to you when you go outside... (or if you have a pony in the back yard, if the door is left open, the pony comes in to see you!) Fun!

Alfalfa comes in such pretty colors. And it smells good too. It makes for a pretty field...

Hubby "farming" =) Though he comes from a farming family... he doesn't love it LOL

The Pony in the back yard!

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Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

What a great blog!
Farming is a tough job. I grew up on a farm and until just recently managed and lived on one. I don't miss the winters!