Thursday, January 21, 2010

The many faces of Angus...

Angus is adjusting well to Gentry. I thought I would share a few pictures of him doin' his "thang"...

Angus protecting his ball from me... I have to keep it up because I don't want Gentry to choke on it. He found where I had it hidden and then laid down on the bean bag with it.
(I bought a bigger one today so they could share.)


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Lynnette Kraft said...

Hi Mindy! I haven't been around in a while. Abigail and I just scrolled through several pages of your blog. What a charming life you have. Your kids are precious. Your surroundings are gorgeous. Your dog is adorable. Fun life!

Glad I stopped by!
PS Oh and your pictures are great! We can tell you have a nice camera.