Monday, February 9, 2009


On Saturday I exercised. I HATE exercising. But this day, both my boys did it with me. We were doing kicks and punches, breathing exercises and stretches. Then we moved onto sit ups. We were in the middle of 100 sit ups when Logan announced that he couldn't do any more because his skull hurt.

I thought that was strange. Why on earth would your skull hurt from doing sit ups?

He walked over to the door to let Angus in, and holding his stomach he again said, "My skull really hurts!"

He meant his rib cage hurt! He thought it was called his skull. LOL

I love the things he comes up with!!


annie kelleher said...

oh my id be scared!!! but how funny!!!

Betty said...

hahaha, how old is he?
I HATE exercise too!

Loriann said...

too cute, that is funny, don't for get to write that one down... hehehehe
I love some of the things that the girls come up with... hope that you have a blessed week... lori

Paula said...

How cute...aren't they always saying the cutest things