Thursday, February 5, 2009


Both the boys have colds and woke up feeling pretty yucky. But today at school they were going on a little field trip into town to see a Chinese Acrobat Circus. They didn't want to miss that so, I took them to school, they went on the trip and then I picked them up. In the middle of all this... one of the other Moms' and I were talking and she told me that Strep Throat is going around school right now... WHAT!? Ugg... I had that twice when I was in 4th grade and again the beginning of 5th grade. It's terrible. It takes forever to get over it. Yuck!

So after I picked them up, we headed into our Cost Care facility in Stevensville, thank God for them! They are half the price of our regular Doctor. I am really so very thankful for them. The boys were checked out and all is well! They don't have Strep, just really nasty colds. So I will keep them home tomorrow too so they can get some rest. Poor guys!

On our way to Cost Care, both boys were pretty nervous about seeing a "Doctor". Logan asked me, "Mom! Will they cut a chunk of my neck off?"

WHAT!? It's so funny to hear what their little imaginations are thinking. He thought that to check for Strep, the Doctor would have to take a piece of his throat. LOL



annie kelleher said...

ouch!! hope everyone in your house feels better soon... i am fighting a cold courtesy of baby jake!

tara @ kidz said...

Kids really do say the darndest things! I hope everyone gets feeling better soon! We had the bug last week, and I'm still recovering. =)

Betty said...

:) Kids do have a lively imagination! I hope they feel better soon!