Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here's to Hope

Here's to hoping that the rest of this year only gets better for us! Actually I guess that will have to wait until spring, when they officially kick us out of our home... Maybe after THAT things will get better for our little family!

The month of January was a kick-you-in-your-guts kind of month around here. I barely had time to post. And when I did have time, I felt that there wasn't anything nice or good to share.

THEN I forgot the first Monday yesterday!!! I can't believe it!! I had thought it over, wanted to have the 10 Things I Like About Me post and the winner from last months drawing posted... and I never got to do it!

So I'll do it today. I know it's not tradition, but you know what! Sometimes you have to go with the flow... and the flow is that this week, Tuesday is our Monday!! So here we go...

It's Monday!! You know what that means =) It's time for the 10 Things I Like About Me! Here is how it works;

1) I will start us off with a list of 10 things that I like about me.
2) Then I want YOU to write 10 things that YOU like about YOU, and post them in My Comments.
3) Then, I take all the people that play, put their names in a hat and my boys draw a winner! I'll post the lucky winner on my blog, the first Monday of NEXT month. Yes! You get a PRIZE for telling me 10 things you like about you!!

I know, I know, it goes against everything we were taught as kids about being "humble" and "not tooting our own horn"... Well Toot Away!! I WANT you to!!

I'll start:

10 Things I Like About Me

1) I like my smile. Even my eyes twinkle when I smile.
2) I like my laugh. It's loud and obnoxious, but I don't care!
3) I like my eyes. They are light brown with gold flecks in them.
4) I like my eye lashes. They are black... I hardly ever have to wear mascara.
5) I like my simple way of living. We don't have much, but then again we don't need much!
6) I love my families. I have a few =)
7) I love my sense of people. I mean just look at my BFF, Teresa, I REALLY know how to pick em!
8) I like my pudgy body. It's soft and snuggly.
9) I like my wardrobe. Simple and comfy! My two favorite words when it comes to clothes =)
10) I like that I'm so funny... I really get a kick out of myself!

And the WINNER from last months post is.................... (Drum...... roll......)...............

You have won a hand made 100% cotton scarf!! It's multi-colored and very sassy =) So please email me (theladybugfarm@gmail.com) your mailing address and off it will go.

Thanks for playing my game with me. It makes life so much sweeter to have people to play with =)

So on with the show!! I have a great prize lined up for this month!!


annie kelleher said...

i WON?!!! i did i did??!!!! hooray hooray hooray i LOVE to win!!!! ty ty ty!!!!! stop on over to my blog and rack up some entries in my superawesome giveaway!!!! i want you to win, too!!!!!!!

annie kelleher said...

ummm... not to sound dense or anything... but am i supposed to post hte ten things i like about me here, or on my own blog? :)

Loriann said...

Hi Mindy, you have been in our thoughts and prayers...
God bless you this week...
Ok, now ten things I like about me....
1. I like that I am married to a good husband
2. I like that I am a good mom.
3. I like that I am a low maintence person.
4. i like that I am in love with history.
5. I like that I am a loyal person
6. I like that I am a good teacher
7. I like that I am a good example for others to follow
8 I like that I love to encourage others
9. I like that I can do most anything, making clothes for the girls, smocking and such and crafts, as well as fixing things, from kids to cars
10. I like that I am loved

Hope that you have a blessed week... Love to all. Lori

annie kelleher said...

here's ten things i like about me... i told my readers to come over and play along, too!!!

1. my big brown eyes i got from my mommy and the long dark eyelashes i got from my daddy.
2. the rest of my body, come to think of it. in nearly 50 years, it has seldom let me down.
3. my sense of humor, although not everyone shares it (to say the least!)
4. my ability to tell stories and to write them down
5. my kids
6. my willingness to try anything - at least anything that doesn't involve heights, cold or icky food - once.
7. my utter shamelessness - combined with number 6, it's made for some very interesting stories ;)
8. my ability to suspend judgement
9. my ability to see the Big Picture
10. my optimism