Monday, February 16, 2009


I have been doing a lot of reading lately. I enjoy reading blogs written by teenagers for Christ. I have also been reading other blogs about women for Christ. I revel in their words. I revel in their desire to follow in Christ's footsteps. I revel in their desire to be more Christ like in their daily behavior and the choices they make. It is so easy to read this and desire it. It is another thing entirely, to LIVE it.

How do you know that the daily choices that you make are what Christ is asking you to do? How do you know that the decisions that you make, big or small, are what Christ wants? This is something that I struggle with, daily. I want to follow him, walk in his footsteps, but how do I know that I am?

It is difficult raising a family in this uncertain world. We don't have a church as we haven't found one that suits us as a family. We talk about God and Jesus all the time in our household, I read Bible stories to my boys. They ask questions and we look up the answers in the Bible. I feel that belonging to a church is not a prerequisite to following in Christ's footsteps. Although I DO understand the idea of having a group of like minded people that are YOUR people. I do crave that sometimes. Then I head out into the Blogishere and find them here.

The women that I find online are so awe-inspiring and filled with Christ's love that I feel that I have my people here. Thank you to all the women that touch my life on a daily basis, either through my blog or through your own. Thank you to all those that I know through my blog and those that don't know me, or that I "stalk" their blogs. Thank you.

I will continue to walk in Christ's footsteps, knowing that if I have a misstep, he will welcome me back with open arms, a warm loving smile, and a twinkle in his eye.


Loriann said...

So true Mindy, we are all here to help encourage each other, I think that God designed women to be there for each other. We have such a large "job" description.... You encourage others with your thoughts and insights, and then you are encouraged by others. Love you all, lori

Catrina said...

HI Mindy! I am So excited too! I have most of the things I want to send but I have another few things to pick up. This is my frist swap so hopefully I get it right! It is excellent to "meet" you...I am now also a stalker of your blog. I love this post! It is truly inspiring to read about other folks' walks!

Jen said...

I think many of us struggle with this. I find that my faith sometimes seems to can go up and down. Sometimes I feel certain of what God wants for me and other times I'm guessing and need to trust more. There are so many inspirational blogs out there. I love Proverb 31 ministries and get a daily devotional from them. I'm lucky to be involved in a great church as well and love the MOPs group there. Thanks for visiting Creative and Curious Kids. I also write a blog titled God's Shining Stars- take a peek if you get a chance. Jen

The Masked Mommy said...

I feel really inspired by amazing women around the blogosphere, too!

tara @ kidz said...

Thank you for sharing this and making me think. I believe that one of the best was to come to Christ is through the scriptures. And one of the best ways to see His love is through others. The blogosphere is one of the great resources of feeling that love from others. So glad you have found that too! Thanks Mindy!

Mandy said...

Hi Mindy I came from KIDZ and found your blog this was so inspiring!! I loved the way it has made me think about the Savior! I think the best way we know we are doing what the Savior wants or would have us is the peace that comes from living His ways!! I know that when I am living the way I should there is total peace and real happiness that comes into your heart and makes life FULL!! I loved reading your post and thank you for sharing it!! Mandy