Sunday, September 28, 2008

Road Trip!

Yesterday we took a road trip! We were "shopping" for a new state, town and property. I'm not sure that we found anything, but we did have a good time!

We went to Sandpoint Idaho. It's a gorgeous place to see! There is a huge lake, a beautiful old town, right on the water, and lots of trees and vegetation.

The property was kind of frustrating as it seems to be either way out in the boondocks, or too pricey. The boondocks would be great if there was more than just me and my family moving. But it's kind of intimidating to think of living way out in the middle of now where with my two kids and my hubby. What about wild animals? I'm sure it would be very difficult to have my chickies and milk goats up on a mountain top somewhere. Wouldn't bears come in and walk off with them all the time? It's a problem!

The town was so friendly and fun to look around. We went in lots of shops and even got to see a Farmer's Market. That was a nice small town event to be a part of. Fun fun!

Ben kept saying, "We are not moving, so don't even think about it", but then he would say that Sandpoint was nice and could we stay longer? Logan seems up for anything, he just doesn't want to go to school anymore. He would like to be home schooled.

We looked at the Waldorf school, but have some more research to do about that before we make the leap. We are planning on going up there during a school day sometime to see how the school works. If we don't like it, or it's not for us, then we won't be tied to Sandpoint and can go anywhere!!

Oh and our mileage rolled over to 50,000 on our way home. It was a mile stone! Very memorable...

Is there a place that you really like?

Someplace that you could recommend for a young, small farm family?

We will have a pony or two, a couple of goats, a milk cow and some chickens that we will be bringing along. As well as a German Shepherd puppy and a Shorkie. Have stock trailer, will travel!

We are taking recommendations now for the BEST place to live in the US or Canada.

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