Monday, September 29, 2008

The thought of moving is at once exciting and scary. I am like a yoyo, going from breathless excitement about what's next, to overwhelming darkness, thinking about the unknown.

One thing that I am keeping in my mind at all times is Living Life Now. Life is happening whether I know where I'm going to be living or not. The present is all we have. The past is done, the future hasn't happened yet. We ARE the present. And life is what you make of it!

If I focus on the scariness of moving, then moving will be scary!

So, I am going to make a conscious decision to be Breathless with Excitement!! I'm making the choice to LIVE.

There is beauty all around me every day. There is certainly enough to keep my busy here on the farm. I've been letting my work go and had a lot to do today. Really, house work is easier if you do a little every day. Then it doesn't pile up and get overwhelming! And when I do a little everyday, then I have more time for knitting, photography, or reading. Those are the things that I want to spend my time doing!!

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