Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Monday!!

Oooh I'm so excited! It's finally the first Monday of the month!! You know what that means =) Time for the 10 Things I Like About Me List... Whooo Hooo!!

So the rules are:

*Please write 10 things YOU like about YOU!
* Once you have put your list in My Comments, your name will be entered in a drawing held on Friday or Saturday of this week! Yes, you could WIN a PRIZE for telling me what you like about yourself!!
* You are welcome to enter your kids, as well. Have them tell you 10 things they like about themselves. Be sure to put their name on their list so I know to enter them in the drawing!

On with the show!!

10 Things I Like About Me

1) I like my hair. (I just dyed it today and it's so cute!)
2) I like my hands.
3) I like how creative I am.
4) I like my sense of humor.
5) I like the fact that I am a great reader!
6) I like that I am pretty fun to be around =)
7) I like my eyes.
8) I like my height, not too tall, not too short!
9) I like my feet.
10) I like my teeth, they are so clean and straight!


dddiva said...

I love your blog! Great name- the mini diva is nicknamed lululadybug. What a great idea for a post. Glad I found you on blog stalkers.
On to the question... here's 10 things I like about me today.
1) My family
2) My quirky sense of humor
3) My optimism
4) I am a great cook
5) I get to do exactly what I like as a SAHM and blogger.
6) I have super healthy hair.
7) I love my smile
8) I am very creative
9) I am a great friend
10) I am good at helping others to feel good about themselves

Thanks for letting me play.

Jillene said...

10 Things I Like About Me:
1 - My hair color
2 - My hair cut (I haven't been able to say that for A LONG time)
3 - My eyebrow wax
4 - The fact that I LOVE to read
5 - That I can start a book and finish it all in one day
6 - Being a mother
7 - I am a pretty good cook
8 - I am a pretty good baker
9 - I am a pretty good scrapbooker
10 - I love my kids unconditionally

annie kelleher said...

wow ten things?? your blog is so cute!!! ... okay... here goes...

1 - my sense of humor
2 - my big brown eyes
3 - my ability to tell stories
4 - my ability to talk to dead people
5 - my creativity
6 - my sense of style (or lack thereof as my children believe)
7 - where i live
8 - all my friends
9 - beloved
10 - my two dogs
11 - all my kids (cause i feel guilty i didn't add them too :)

Heather said...

Good morning Mindy! 10 things I like about me, huh?
1. I like that I have found the strength to do what I believe is right even in the face of much adversity.
2. I like my hair
3. I like that I am willing to learn
4. I like that I love my girls so much it makes me feel like my heart will burst.
5. I like that we are going home in 16 days.
6. I like that I have learned to trust myself.
7. I like that I am not afraid of the unknown (anymore).
8. I like that I am flawless in the eyes of God.
9. I like that I can read a book over and over and still get something new out of it each time.
10. Did I mention that I like that we are going home in 16 days?!

That's it for me! Love you...see you soon!

Paula said...

I see that you are going to continue with is hard for me to find 10 things but here goes
1) my hair...I finally gave up on the long look
2) my best feature
3) I am an awesome grandma
4) I love to read
5) I love to garden
6) I am a fabulous cook when I put my mind to it
7) I love that I am going to try to become more optimistic this year
8) I am a good friend
9) I am very family oriented
10) I love my attempts at blogging

Betty said...

Going to join in the fun this week.
1. I like that my photography is improving
2. I like my sense of humor
3. I like my toenails.
4. My eyes
5. I like that I can forgive and forget quickly
6. I like my laugh
7. my loyalty
8. my punctuality
9. my cooking
10. I love being a mom to my girls!

Payton said...
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Kim said...

Ok I goofed and originally posted this under my sons "Payton" name. I'll try this again.

Ok this was tough but here it is. 10 Things I love about ME:
1.I love that I am Mike's wife.
2.I love being a mom to 3 boys.
3.I love my eyes.
4.I love my ability to stand up for myself.
5.I am a good cook.
6.I love my honesty.
7.I love that I took the step to become a blogger even though I'm not very good at it.
8.I love that I can be organized.
9.I love that I can get along with most anyone.
10. I love that I can step out of my comfort zone when I need to.

Jennifer said...

This is so much fun, how often do you actually think about things you like about you. I can think of millions of things I like about others.

1. I love my passion about what interestes me. If I make up my mind to do something it gets done.
2. I dont have to diet
3. My smooth hair.
4. I love my addiction to shampoos and conditioners.
5. My corky corks - have to have certain things a certain way. I also love that my husband accepts that I have to have things done a certain way.
6. My odd colored eyes
7. My shoes that I never get to wear because all I wear is tall boots to do chores....
8. Never giving up

This is harder then it looks

9. I love that I love to do chores and feed all my little critters
10. My love of life, sometimes it takes a while to love life...

Laura Hoekstra-Bettig said...

Thanks for inviting me to tell you 10 things I like about me! Here goes...

1) I now have a blog after wanting to start one for too long!
2) I have kept a journal for almost 35 years.
3) I facilitate a support group for people grieving the death of someone close to them.
4) I grew closer to God after the death of my first husband.
5) I homeschooled my daughter when I was a single mother (see #4).
6) I have a beautiful singing voice and also play the piano.
7) I love creating a comfortable home for my family.
8) I am content to drive a 1999 minivan without bells and whistles!
9) I enjoy photography and scrapbooking.
10) I am a great listener.