Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spa Day!

Today I was treated to a spa day! I have NEVER been to a spa and I have NEVER had a pedicure! Two firsts in one day, what a treat!

I must mention that my feet are soooooooo awful, because I HATE to wear real shoes and trapse around all day in my beloved crocs, or my totally comfy flip flops. So therefor I have very rough, scratchy feet that are too wide and mostly always dirty. Thankfully the pedicure girls didn't mind at all! My girl never said one nasty thing to me and believe me if it was my job to work on people's feet, I would have some very sharp words for people like me that abuse their feet everyday and then pop in for a pedicure and expect their feet to be all soft and healed in one treatment (which, by the way, IS what happened to my feet today!).

The treat was given to me by my Mom. It turned into a girls day out with my Mom, my two Sister-in-laws, my Mother-in-law and my Grandmother-in-law. One of my nieces and one of my nephews came along as well. It was so much fun! I highly recommend treating, or being treated to this sometime soon! Not only did I get clean, soft feet, I got a nice foot massage, a warm bubbly foot bath to set my feet in and beeeeautiful purple toe nails!

Now my feet look so cute that I walk everywhere looking down, so I can admire them fully, before they once again turn into dirty, rough, scratchy feet. There is a risk in all this walking around, looking down at my feet however. I've nearly ran into parked bicycles on the street, the parking meter, one of the fences here on the farm and I've found myself smacking into my hubby one too many times here in the house.

For some unknown reason he isn't quite as thrilled with my totally awe inspiring toes as I am... ??? Men are so wierd!

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