Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's a Bird, it's a plane, no, it's Sponge Bob!

I don't like Sponge Bob. Not at all. But the Boys do! And this is one Sponge Bob that even I can love =)

Logan made this costume all by himself! See! Who needs Halloween. And why should we ever BUY a costume? LOL


Heather said...

Too cute!! I too can't stand Sponge Bob. However, my girls also love him. My brother is the first MAN I have ever known who doesn't like/get Sponge Bob. But, I totally agree with you, what's not to love about YOUR Sponge Bob?! If you haven't checked your VM on your phone, call me. It's about Gramms. Lucy!

Mark said...

Well, over the last two years I have come to nearly enjoy Spongey. I never knew about him until our foster child came to live with us. This though is the truly best Sponge Bob ever in the world!

Debbie said...

this is really cool!! I have two nephews and a niece that love sponge bob too I watch it with them..