Saturday, January 10, 2009


I just want to share this with you!

I have REALLY sensitive skin. I have tried all kinds of makeup without success. I have tried the expensive stuff and the cheap stuff. I have tried the Mineral makeup and the Physicians Choice. None of it worked for my skin. I would break out, get rashes. The mascara makes my eyes tear and itch as does the eye shadow. So I gave up.

I went to my Dr. because I couldn't get a handle on my break outs. I have had more break outs in my 30's than I ever had in High School! This is something that I never thought I would have to deal with once I was an adult.

My Dr. prescribed some VERY expensive face cream. I had to save up for two months to buy it! He said I wouldn't see a change for at least 6 weeks. Luckily one tube would last up to 3 months. So I used it faithfully every night. I washed my face every night and every morning. I used moisturizer and the face cream. I followed the directions exactly.

After 6 weeks, there wasn't a positive change. After 12 weeks there still wasn't a positive change. It seemed that my break outs were WORSE and BIGGER than before! They were like boils now! Ugggg...

A couple of months ago, I made a drastic change to my diet. I have cut meat out entirely. I drink gallons of water a day (at least my bladder thinks so...) and lots and lots of green tea. Not only have I lost some inches, but my face is clearer! It hasn't cleared up entirely, but it is sooooo much better. I'm thinking if I just stay on this course, it will be cleared up soon.

I have always used natural products on my face, but I switched around the face soap I have been using to one with Tea Tree oil in it. I use an almond butter for moisturizer AND I found some make up that works!!

I wanted to share my trial with you so I could share THIS... I went to Etsy, my favorite place for handmade goods, and found makeup on there! There are people who make makeup!! And they use all natural ingredients, for real. They don't just say they do. They don't use any talc in their foundation, which is what I think was giving me the trouble before.

I LOVE this makeup! I can use the mascara I found on there and the eye shadow! It's so wonderful!

This is the foundation. It goes on my skin and feels like silk. Mmmmm.... Yummy!
Then I spritz my face with some water that I added some essential oil to. The water "sets" the powder and it doesn't rub off. It stays on my face all the day long (and doesn't rub off on my clothes.)

This is the eye shadow. It comes in the prettiest colors!

This is the "lash paint" or mascara. They sent me an applicator brush, I get it a little wet and roll it in the powder, then apply it to my eyelashes and it looks like this...

(This is not my eye... But it really does go on this smooth! NO CLUMPS!!)

It's amazing to me that these people can make this wonderful makeup themselves, it is all natural, it works amazingly well and it doesn't upset my sensitive skin, but BIG time COMPANIES can not come up with this themselves. Instead they fill their make up with harmful chemicals. And we unknowingly slather ourselves with it. Our skin is our biggest organ and it readily absorbs those chemicals into our bodies. Anything you put on your skin, immediately goes into your blood stream. Not good. Makeup companies KNOW this, but they don't care.

That's why I LOVE Etsy. The people on there CARE about others. They are making beautiful things to share, to brighten someone's day, or to help them with skin issues. They make money too, but that is not their main reason for being there.

Gotta Love 'em!!


Jillene said...

That is AWESOME!! I have very sensitive skin as well so I will have to check it out!!

Heather said...

That's really cool! Are they expensive? My face doesn't break out, it just always has dry patchy spots on it no matter how well moisturized it is. Glad you found something that works!

annie kelleher said...

wow - would you mind sending me the name of that store and its link? i could use some new makeup and i just dont like using stuff with all those weird names...

Emily said...

Hi - I just found your blog via Mary Jane's farm. You have great stuff on here, I really can't wait to check out this makeup. I love Etsy.

love, Emily