Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Book!

I just finished reading this book yesterday. It was a great book! Truly inspirational.

She is a woman that has struggled with her weight her whole life, LITERALLY and came through the other side a healthier and happier person. I liked it because it didn't end with her deciding to be happy with her bigger self. She makes some very healthy decisions and comes out smiling!

It's called, Thin is the New Happy by, Valerie Frankel.

I highly recommend it for those of us struggling to have a good mental picture of ourselves. As Valerie says, Let's choose to LOVE our bodies, instead of LEAVE them =)


Heather said...

Hey! Joni told me that she sent you "The Shack". Have you read it yet? I think it is one of the best books EVER and think that it offers someone to everyone no matter where they are in their lives or with God. I think I'll check out the one u just finished. I am very determined to make healthier choices starting now. It is just so hard living with other people and not having my own kitchen. But, this is just for a season I know, so I figure I can start out making baby steps!

annie kelleher said...

that is truly a very cool book!! my eating the angel way book is going to be about how the angels want us to love all of ourselves, including the beautiful human bodies we have in all our various manifestations!

Heather said...

So, tell me...what is Inkheart about and have you ALREADY finished it?! And, fyi, I am going to start over on your book today...I didn't start marking it up til chapter 9 so I want to at least re-read the first 8 chapters. Then I should be sending it off in the next day or two. And, we will be following shortly, around the 23rd I'm hoping. Lucy!