Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Memorial Service

Gramms memorial service was really beautiful. There were a lot of people there, people she had met and others that she hadn't ever met. She touched many lives during her stay here on Earth. I cried many, many tears.

My Uncle John gave a WONDERFUL talk about Gramms and how the Lord worked miracles in her life.

My Aunt Deena sang, it was a beautiful song. Our very good, close family friend Janice sang as well. It was wonderful.

There was great music. And lots of talk of Dancing.

We took the boys with us. They were so good! I was very proud of them. They sat so nicely during the service and were very tender hearted towards me and my little sister, Michaella, when we would cry. Logan would lay his head on me and pat my back. Ben would lay his head on Aunt Mika. Very sweet little boys.

Logan noticed the "big brown box" at the front of the room. At one point during the service, he leaned in close to me and asked, "Is Gigi in that brown box up there?" I said yes, her body was in there. He looked concerned and repeated, "Her body?"

I thought he was afraid that she was just sleeping and we had put her in there, so I said, "Yes, her body, her soul has gone up to heaven to be with Jesus."

His little forehead wrinkled up and he looked into my eyes, "Just her body is in there? Is her head in there too?"

OH MY GOODNESS! What a cute little guy! I KNOW that Gramms would have threw her head back and LAUGHED at that!!

Don't worry, I assured him that ALL of Gigi was in there... But not her soul, which is the part of her we all love and miss.

**I have a prayer request as well. Our friend Janice, mentioned above, is having some health problems and we all would ask that you keep her in your prayers. Ask God to lay his hands on her and cause a miracle in her life. Thank you....**



annie kelleher said...

aw, mindy, im so sorry for your loss... glad to hear it all went as well as these things can go...

Debbie said...

what a nice tribute for you to blog about her.. I just wanted to say i love your page here and you seem so sweet.. iam also thinking about starting a blog page for myself. i wondered if you had any pointer? Thanks.. Debbie also known as purple..

tara @ kidz said...

Mindy, I'm so sorry to hear about your Gramms. Separation is bittersweet, but you will see her again!

Keeping Janice in my prayers.

Loriann said...

Mindy, I am glad it went well. We continue to pray for you and your family. We also are praying for your friend Janice too. God be with you all. Love to all, Lori and girls

Betty said...

I´m sorry for your loss Mindy! My grandmother died last year too and I know how you feel. This was a nice tribute for her and I love the rose pic´s too!