Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

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~Playing Dress Up~

My boys LOVE costumes. They dress up all year round. In fact they are already planning their Halloween costumes for this year! We, Hubby and I, have decided that we will not celebrate Halloween anymore. It just doesn't fit with our beliefs. So promptly the boys figured out that they will get costumes anyway and celebrate their own kind of Halloween every day of the year! How fun are they!? Talk about a silver lining...

My boys are VERY imaginative. I wouldn't let them buy costumes this year. I felt like it was throwing our perfectly good money down the drain (I mean really, they sell them for $25 a piece BEFORE Halloween, then mark them down to $1 after??? What's the mark up on those??). I asked them to decided who they wanted to be, then we would MAKE the costumes, using the clothes that they have in their room! They thought and thought, made up their minds, then changed them a few times everday, right up until Halloween. Boys will be boys!

Logan decided that he would be The Hulk. He has a wonderful imagination and put his costume together using a pair of green long underware and some old jeans that we cut off to be his shorts. Then I did go ahead and buy him a Hulk knitted face mask. I figured he could wear it all winter! And it's big enough to work next year too! He looked GREAT!

As for Ben, he was having a hard time coming up with something. We were going to wrap his whole body and face in gauze so he could be a Mummy. But after Logan decided to be the Hulk, Ben wanted to be a super hero too. He finally decided on the Black Spiderman. I did consent to buy him a pair of jammies that were decorated with Black Spiderman's "stuff". I figured he could wear them for a long time! And then Logan can wear them =) He looked pretty tough and was very excited...

Ben LOVES to dress up like Indiana Jones, with a vest, a button down shirt and khaki pants. He wears his old, too small for his head, fisherman's hat and carries around a long piece of rope that is his bull whip. It's really so cute! And he is very disappointed when people don't KNOW who he is. My poor Mom has to think quick whenever he is dressed up. It's a very sad feeling when you don't guess right the first time! If it's particularly hard, I stand behind Ben and mime what he is =)

Ben got this wonderful dragon cape for his birthday. He absolutely LOVES it and wears it over his other costumes. Here he is Dragon Black Spiderman... don't even ask me what powers THIS super hero has!!

Logan dresses up almost every day. Lately his favorite has been Superman. He wears a couple of shirts under his jammies, so it looks like he has big muscles... He even made the big "S" that Superman has on his chest. Then I saftey pinned it to his shirt.

Then for Christmas they got the BEST gift ever from my Mom... Black CAPES!! Hubby even got one of his very own. Oh Man... you should see them wearing their capes and sword fighting around the living room!! Priceless!!

On Christmas morning my brother braved the sickness (we were all sick over Christmas this year, the flu) and came over to say Merry Christmas. Only to open the door to Hubby standing there in his silver cape fighting off two little black caped boys. My Bro said "WHAT'S going ON here!?" And I promptly answered, "You've discovered our secret!!! We are actually SUPER HEROS!" To which he answered, "Well I already KNEW that." (He harbors secret desires to be a super hero too. He is 10 years younger than me and "forgets" that I saw him do all this years ago. He was as cute as my boys running around with his towel cape...)

Really we have TOO much fun around here!!

This is Logan's "Mean Face."

Here is Ben. They both got these totally cool lightweight capes to wear over the black ones if they so choose...

Hubby in his long flowing Silver Cape. It really is quite impressive! He calls himself Silver Knight, so he got a silver cape. He will always be my Knight in Shining Armor =)


Julie said...

How cool! My parents decided when I was little to not celebrate Halloween. I loved playing dressup, so I was bummed that I didn't get to have costumes like everyone else.

What a great way to give them the opportunity to play!

Jillene said...

I LOVE it!! All 3 of my kids LOVE LOVE to play dress up. Even my oldest at 9 still loves to.

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

That is awesome! And really cool that you man likes to play with his boys! How cool is that!!!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Boys will be boys! I have 5 and 7 year old boys (and little brother who's watching!). They LOVE playing dress up more than anything! They also love Spiderman, (have black and regular), and they also dress up like Indiana Jones! My 5 year old is a HUGE Indi fan! I bought them hats, whips and archeologist bags for Christmas. They look so cute!

Good job on making the suits. I HATE sewing, so that's not an option with me. :) We only buy them for Christmas or birthday's etc. They wore out their Spidey suits and I bought them second ones!

"You've discovered our secret!!! We are actually SUPER HEROS!" To which he answered, "Well I already KNEW that." (He harbors secret desires to be a super hero too. He is 10 years younger than me and "forgets" that I saw him do all this years ago. He was as cute as my boys running around with his towel cape...)"

What a crack up! Too fun!

Thanks for joining in on Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane...and for sharing such a sweet "boy" story!

Loved the pics too. :)

Abigail Kraft said...

My little brothers adore dressing up too. You've figured out quite a creative way to do it! My five year old brother, Jonas, is especially obsessed with Indiana Jones. He has the hat, the bag, the whip, and is constantly drawing maps and such. He says that he wants to be an archaeologist when he grows up (that is, after he changes his name to Dr. Jones). lol. :) It is SO priceless! Both he and my seven year old brother, Silas, have had multiple Spiderman, Superman, and Batman costumes...they sure do love it when they have their capes on! I don't think it's even possible for those boys to watch a movie without wanting to act it out. heehee.

Thanks so much for sharing the adorable pics and stories of your kiddos! I loved it!

Laura Hoekstra-Bettig said...

How fun is this? I have a nephew that lives to dress up and put on "shows." He would love to hang with your boys! Thanks for visiting my blog today. See you next Wednesday!

Linda said...

The best part about this story was reading about and seeing your husband dressing up in his silver cape and playing with your boys!
It is such a blessing to have a husband that is an active part in the raisng of the children. So many men think it it the mommy's job.
All of the pictures were great,...and reminded me of my grandkids when they dress up as super heros. Keep on sharing your fun stories with us. Can't wait until you post next Wednesday!

Kristin said...

Love your husband's silver cape! Too funny! Looks like you have tons of fun with your boys!

GrandmaKathleen said...

I now have 2 adult sons, but does your story bring back memories of when they were young and loved dressing up. My first born loved to dress up in his Sunday suit and he would tell everyone he was a business man like Daddy. My younger son expecially loved Superman, he would dress up in his superman pjs and grab a red towel and say that it was
his cape and he would be jumping on and off things.
What memories.

Loriann said...

So cool!... We don't do Halloween either, we have a safe party, games and fun, and small prizes from dollar store. Then we invite all our friends over, we start the night by praying for the people who do celebrate, and that the kids who are out are safe. then if we have any trick or treaters we pass out christian tracts, and we also carve a pumpkin with a cross on it, put a candle in it, and place it out for all to see. we have had lots of people ask about it, we love to tell them the story of the pumpkin being like christians, and God takes out all the gooo, and He shines through us.... so cool! great way to witness, and most ask only once, but then everytime they pass our house, they think about what we told them, planting seeds one at a time... several have come to christ, and that is the best part.

Now you need a cape, maybe a big M for super mom on it... (O:


Heather said...

Oh my gosh! I have been dying to see pictures of them in their new capes! Hubby makes me laugh! He is so great (and tall (~:) I'm really proud of you for making a stand against Halloween. I really do detest that "holiday" but have been reluctant to put it to a close in our house. I guess 2009 is as good a time as any! The girls dress up constantly anyway! Kylee just loves to show hers off on Halloween, I think. Lucy you!

Anonymous said...

So Cool! I'd better not show my hubby that or he'll want a silver cape too!