Friday, January 9, 2009

My Hubby ROCKS!!

It's Friday... My Hubby Rocks Day! I LOVE this day =) (although I must say that my Hubby rocks everyday, if I wrote all the ways he rocks, my whole blog would be about him and YOU would be so jealous. so it's out of respect to you that I don't do that every day)

Today I want to share a few little Love Notes Hubby has given me over the years. This one is one of my FAVORITE ones =)

"Princess, I Love you, and I
know it was a wish,
but I didn't do one dish.
I know I told you, and
I'm not a liar.
I was just too damn tired.
I'll make it up to you
And hopefully you think it's

I Love You."

What a nice way to find out that he didn't do the dishes... much more romantic than me just walking into the kitchen to see them still in the sink ;)

And another...

Roses R Red
Violets R Blue
U R the Sweetest and the Cutest
And Eternal is my Love for You.

Love, Your Sweetheart"

I know... I am SO lucky!!

And one more...

This one was really involoved. He put together a Treasure Hunt for me. This was the first note I found.

"Hello. I see you have found me. Well, we are going to play a little game. It is called "The Mystery of the Mad Nipers" and I believe you will find it quite intriguing. It works like this, you will be given clues and within the clues you will have to figure out where to go for your next clue. Clues can be in the form of riddles, rhymes, questions, statements, miscellaneous artifacts, people, books and anything else deemed appropriate. However, there is potential to skip certain clues and steps if you are extrememly clever. When the mystery is solved you will find out the forbidden secret. Good luck and if you should have any questions concerning anything, well too bad. But I will make finding your first clue relatively easy.
CLUE #1: If I am brave and courageous, then why am I and my cousins called the missing link?

P.S. I Love You Very Much, You Touch The Very Essence Of My Heart."

There were 9 clues in all! I had to hunt all over our trailer house and even go over to my Mom's house! It was SUCH a FUN day. And my best friend Teresa was here visiting, so she got to get in on the fun... We had a BLAST!

Here's what we found at the end of the Treasure Hunt:

"Do not be fooled by its common place appearance.
This key, like so many other things, can be much more.
For this key represents Strength.
Strength that you can unlock and call upon
Whenever you need it, through life,
through being a parent, through marriage.
Whatever the case may be.
Strength is a gift that lies in each one of us.
Use this key to unlock Strength's full potential."

I know! Totally COOL!

As you can see... MY HUBBY ROCKS!!


Melissa said...


Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

YOUR HUSBAND DOES ROCK! I love a smart, thoughtful and romantic guy. My husband proposed to me by sending me on a scavenger hunt. At the end of it was a note asking me to marry him. He had the ring in his hand. He also included all of our family in the hunt through phone calls for hints and such. YEAH FOR OUR GUYS!

annie kelleher said...

i love hte idea of the treasure hunt... your hubby DOES rock!!!

Betty said...

I am totally jealous now. But you deserve him, I´m sure!
Mine is not the romantic type, but I´ll love him just the way he is...

Kay-Kay said...

Wow! How cool. I love the little notes and the scavenger hunt. What a great husband!

Have a great weekend!