Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Shack

I finally read this book. I don't know how many times I did pick it up and look at it at bookstores, but I never bought it.

I was very excited when I unwrapped it at our family "Christmas Party" a couple of weeks ago.

This book is a little blessing. It's just the right size to carry around, and carry it around I shall!

If you haven't read this book, I recommend that you run straight out and get it!! (Or you can participate in my 10 Things I Like About Me post and WIN a copy for yourself!!)

I plan on splurging, buying some copies and handing them out to family, friends and acquaintances. It's really THAT good.

If you have it, and haven't read it yet, just wait... the perfect time will come, for you to read it. That time when you just can't walk past it any longer, your finger will stop on it's spine as you scan your bookshelves for the next read. You will pull it out when the time is right and it WILL change your life and how you view the world. It's AMAZING!

One of the many things that I got out of this book is the idea that God isn't about doing, He/She is about BEING. He/She is about loving, living and light.

We, Humans, are about fear, blame, justice, responsibility, expectations and guilt. These are things we feel, but they don't have to be who we are BEING, if we let the light and love into our lives.

Another thing that I just have to share is this:

"Each choice that each person makes ripples out through time and relationships, bouncing off other choices."

That is huge!

Please, if you HAVE read this book, share with me what happened to YOU! I would love to hear it!! And the sharing of it is fun too =)


annie kelleher said...

oh dear... yes, i've read it. i can't say my reaction was as positive as yours. if i can find the review i put on my blog... i'll send it to you in an email.

Lucy said...

Hello, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :) I just finished reading 'The Shack' a couple of days ago. I aim to put a review on my blog eventually, but I will say what it did was give me a real craving for the presence of God in my life. Not everyone will agree with everything in it, but I think that's okay. It's a great way to get us thinking about our relationship with God, and the nature of God.

DeenaL said...

Hi Mindy,
I agree that the book was excellent. It opens your eyes to the true nature of God--kind, loving, generous, intelligent and also shows His sense of humor! I hope you have a great day today and remember, "I am quite fond of you"!
Aunt D

Lucy said...

I finally wrote about it on my blog!