Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10 things I like about Me

First, I would like to thank everyone that visited me yesterday! Boy was that fun! I really enjoyed each and every comment and I read every single one =) Thanks so much!!

Now I thought I would do something new. I'm going to list '10 things I like about Me'. Then I would like you to list '10 things you like about You', in My Comments. On Friday I will put each entry into a hat and I'll scoop out a winner! The prize is a Mystery (Even to me!! LOL).

Okay onto my list:

1. I like my eyes.
2. I like my hair.
3. I like my teeth (they are so straight!)
4. I love my sense of humor (I think I'm hilarious!!)
5. I like my hands.
6. I like my photographs.
7. I like my tenderness.
8. I like my sense of family.
9. I like my appetite!
10. I like my legs (they are so smooth. LOL)

Whew! That was hard. But I think it's necessary for us to look in the mirror, or into the monitor, and declare the things we like about ourselves. Everyone needs a confidence builder! Everyone needs to feel good about themselves. And it can be one of the hardest things to accomplish. Maybe this can help =) So come on! Share with me the things you like about yourself! I promise, you'll feel good after wards...


Betty said...

I only got to know you from yesterday (BATW), so it will not be 10. But, 1. I like your self confidence, 2. I like the look of your blog and 3. I like subject of your post. It is so important for people to feel they are "worthy" and that´s why this is so great!

Mindy said...

Oh Betty thank you for your kind words! BUT you are supposed to write 10 things you like about YOU! LOL

DeenaL said...

Hi Mindy,
The things I like about myself:
1. My eyes
2. My smile (even though sometimes it's crooked!)
3. My sense of humor
4. My compassion
5. My hair (most of the time)
6. My small feet
7. My singing voice
8. this is getting harder
9. don't think I can come up with 10. ??
Love ya, Aunt Deena

Paula said...

Wow....10 things I like about myself are:
1. my hair....it's thick, short and straight
2. my eyes....brown
3. my sense of humor
4. my heart...it beats LOL!
5. height 5'10"
6. my ability to type with all my fingers...thanks to High school typing class way back when
7. my ability to grow things..I have a fig tree in my living room I have had more than 25 years
8. my skin...not many wrinkles yet
9. my smile...
10. my compassion...I am a nurse!
Wow that was hard....thanks for letting me share and I enjoy your blog

karin said...

It is some much easier to come up with 10 things I don't like about myself. I was raised that if I focus on the things I like about myself, I will surely become more proud! It would be prideful to even speak about the things that I like. So here goes:

1.My perception - I usually think the best of people until proven wrong, and even then I try to build them up.
2. My eyes - light up like a Christmas tree when I see an old friend I've been told.
3. My hands - they cuddle, type, bake, cook, play piano, etc. etc. etc.
4. My feet - they've carried the load of me all my days
5. My hair - it is soft, grey and I look better with hair than without
6. My voice - I love to sing praises in harmony - nobody else might like it - but I do!
7. My smile - I can light up a room when I'm not down in the dumps!
8. My attitude - It's been tweaked and changed and perfected by HIM over the years and I kinda like it now! It's positive!
9. My openness - I can allow people into my space very easily - comes from working with seniors who just want to be cuddled sometimes.
10. My deep thinking - I love to search out the things of God and how HE is working in life.

I'm grateful for LIFE in HIM! Thanks for this creative idea!

Heather said...

Okay, just for starters, I think you're hilarious too! My 10 list...
1.Crap! I can't even come up with the first one! Okay...

1. My love of family
2. My sense of adventure
3. My ability to stand behind my convictions even when it's hard
4. My outgoing personality
5. My sense of humor (do I see a resemblance here?)
6. My ability to look for the silver lining.
7. My hair when it does what it want!
8. My legs, I have pretty nice legs for a girl my size
9. My smile
10. My feet
Hooray! I do like me! lol Lucy you!
Lucy, Me

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

What a great idea! Very thought provoking, too. Here goes:

1 - I like my caring nature.
2 - I like that I usually look for the good in people rather than the bad.
3 - I like that I find humor in the oddest things!
4 - I like that although I am aging (late 50's) I am NOT OLD!!! At least not in spirit or in attitude!
5 - I like that I'm fairly adventurous and not afraid to try things, like learning to ride a bike in my 50's!
6 - I like that I am a good cook, and that I enjoy cooking and entertaining for friends and family.
7 - I like that I can find something for which to be thankful even when times are tough.
8 - I like that I am trying to be a dutiful, caring, caregiving daughter to my elderly parents, even though sometimes they make it really hard.
9 - I like that I find it necessary to find joy wherever I can find it!
10 - I like that I my spiritual gifts are those of servant and encourager.

Blessings to you!!! Becky G. @ http://camelliacottagediary.blogspot.com

Toots said...

Top Ten things I like about me . . .
1 - my ability to make people laugh
2 - my ability to make people comfortable
3 - my hair (most days)
4 - my growing patience
5 - my eyes
6 - that I always keep my promise
7 - that I am a good friend
8 - that I can do 10 things at one time
9 - that I can sign along to most any song even if my voice is horrendous
10 - that I am the only one just like me! :-)

wow, thanks for that little pick-me-up! :-)

EmmaP said...

awesome post! I missed BATW yesterday, but am catching up today! hooray for you! Montana looks like a gorgeous place to live. Also - i love the idea you have for today's post. i may have to copy one of these days. I don't know you but one thing i like about you is your bloggy background. so cute!

grammy said...

Hi, I came over from Weins World. I loved the pictures. Wow! 1)good listener 2) super cool Grammy 3) Try new things like blogging 4)Lost 40 pounds 5)Good mom 6)taking digital pics 7) learning to cook healthy 8) Good friend 9) serve others 10)ability to reach out to others...By the way I love Jodi Picult books...hate waiting for a new one. I just started Elizabeth Berg. She has some good books too.

CC said...

The things I like about myself:
1. My eyes and the laugh wrinkles
2. My smile tho most times it's a laugh
3. My sense of humor, (maybe I'm a tad warped..:)
4. My inner strength.. I am a cancer suvivor
5. My hair, even with the touches of gray
6. That I'm old enough to be a grandma :
7. That I get such pleasure with sewing, crafting and cooking
8. I try always to be a good friend
9. I try always to be a good neighbor
10.hmmmm I am a pretty good beginner photographer
That was kinda rough..I hope it doesn't sound like bragging.
I really like your blog and will be coming back to visit..

TMI said...

Ooooh good post! I love it. I'm much better about talking about things I don't like about myself and things I do like about everyone and everything else. This will be a good thing, some introspection and appreciation for self. Ok here goes....

1. I like that I see myself in my little girl.
2. I like that I have a fairly good sense of priorities.
3. I like my eyes.
4. I like my ability to manage time.
5. I like my faith.
6. I like my thoughtfulness.
7. I like my sense of humor.
8. I like my taste in shoes.
9. I like my taste in restaurants!
10. I like my diverse taste of music.

Wow that was easier than I thought I would be. I'm so posh! LOL totally kidding, it was a doozy, but thanks for the challenge! ;o)

Jillene said...

I just found you on blog stalkers unite--great blog!!
10 Things I Like About Me:
#1 - My eyes
#2 - My pure love of my family
#3 - The way I act like a kid at Christmas--LOVE IT!!
#4 - My eyelashes--they are double fringed
#5 - My sense of humor
#6 - My inner strength
#7 - My long fingers--makes for easy typing!!
#8 - My little nose
#9 - My full lips
#10 - My outgoing personality

Thanks for letting me play! I will be a frequent visitor now!!

Betty said...

Duh! Better late, than never hug?
1. my sense of humor
2. my eyes
3. my thin fingers
4. my feet
5. my legs
6. my height 5´7"
7. my sense of compassion for others
8. my kids (does that count?)
9. my laugh
10. my spontaneity

Loriann said...

I just found your post, is it ok if I play too? :0)
10 things I love about me:
1. I love that Jesus loves me as I am, imperfections and all,
2. I love that I have a willing heart, to be used by God daily
3. I love my ability to teach my children (homeschool)
4. I love being a good encourager
5. I love being a loyal friend
6. I love having a family to love and chreish, ( I was a foster kid)
7. I love that I can make my family and friends feel better with hugs and kind words, and prayers
8. I love that I am crafty
9. I love that I can love others so easily, thank you Jesus
10. I love to write.

It is good to stop an think why we are each special in oour own ways.... Loriann

LadyFi said...

OH.... So it's all about me today? Takes deep breath:

I like:
1. My sense of humour - I can make people laugh sometimes.
2. My (mainly) positive attitude.
3. My self-confidence
4. My small stature (I make up for it with self-confidence)
5. My loyalty
6. My love for my family and dog
7. My feet - thanks for getting me around
8. My nifty fingers - for getting me so quickly around the keyboard
9. My intelligence (and modesty??)
10. My sheer craziness

Heather said...

I love where this blog is taking people! I am really proud of you and your creative ideas! Lucy!

jewelstreet said...

This is a great idea! Let's see if I can think of 10.

1. I like the color of my eyes.
2. I like my curly hair.
3. I like that I can make things.
4. I like being tall.
5. I like being a mom.
6. I like being the terminator. (long story.)
7. I like the fact I'm scared of the dark.
8. I like that I'm unusual.
9. I like that I am unnaturally loud sometimes. (another long story.)
10. And, most of the time, I just like being me.