Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Monday!

And here at Ladybug Farm, Monday is the 10 Things I Like About Me day =)

The "rules" are:

1) Please right 10 things YOU like about YOU in my comments.
2) Everyone that does this will have their name put into a hat on Friday for a drawing.
3) The winner of the drawing gets a Mystery Prize =)

It's as easy as that! I'll start with 10 Things I Like About Me:

1. I like my smile. It lights up my face.
2. I like all the colors in my hair, even the gray ones!! (I've been getting gray hairs since I was a senior in High School! But that's still better than my Dad who started losing his hair when he was a senior in High School! LOL)
3. I like my height, 5'5". Just right. The top of my chin rests just under Hubby's chin =) Makes for great huggin!!
4. I like how much fun I am to be around. (People tell me I have a 'bubbly personality'. As long as I'm not ditsy!!)
5. I like how forgetful I am. It makes for a good laugh now and then. Sometimes...
6. I like how creative I am.
7. I like that I can use words to draw a picture.
8. I like that I can take beautiful photos.
9. I like that I have good intuition.
10. I like that I have tons of loving family members around me all the time!!

Whew! I had to pound that one out!! I have gotten very creative since I've been writing this novel on NanoWrimo. I am supposed to write 50,000 words in 30 days. The end date is November 30th. I have 35,368 words so far!!! I'm sooooo close and I WILL finish by the 30th =)


Jillene said...

What I like about me:
#1-I like my new haircut.
#2-I like my hair color even though it comes from a bottle.
#3-I like that I can scrapbook and even be a little creative.
#4-I like that I am diligent in my church service.
#5-I like my smile.
#6-I like that I can cook and bake pretty well.
#7-I like that I am a good reader. I love to read!!
#8-I like that I am organized in 1 area of my life that used to be chaos. I make a 2 week menu so that I always know what I am cooking for dinner!
#9-I like that I am easy to get along with.
#10-I like my height--5' 10".

Betty said...

1. I like my adventurous side
2. I like my humor
3. I like the children I have
4. I like the way I raised them
5. I like the friends I have.
6. I like my cooking
7. I like my legs
8. I like my photography skills
9. I like my gift giving ideas
10. I like my spontaneity

The Modern Mama said...

This is going to be ridiculously hard, but I'll try.
1. I like that I am organized.
2. I like that I've learned to take some risks.
3. I like that I'm learning to be more flexible.
4. I like that I'm healthy.
5. I like that I can plan good meals.
6. I like that I'm a great shopper!
7. I like how my new Eddie Bauer pants (clearance!) look on me.
8. I like that despite how hard it is to be a stay at home mom, I haven't chucked it all yet for a 40 hour work week.
9. I like that I hired a sitter so my husband and I can have date nights.
10. I like how well I've learned to manage my rather challenging 4 year old.

Okay, that was hard. Next Monday, I'm just going to comment on how great you guys do!

Loriann said...

10 things I like about me...
1. I love that I can take good pictures.
2. I love that I like to scrapbook, and journal.
3. I love going to church and learning more about Jesus.
4. I love that I am good at finding bargains.
5. I love that I have a loving family.
6. I love that I have taught my girls to do an act of kindness a week for someone, anyone.
7. I love that my girls are following my example.
8. I love that I am a good friend.
9. I love that I am easygoing, usually.
10. I love that I could think of 10 things that I love about me.
11. I love that I am "fearfully and wonderfully made.." Ps. 139:14

Love to all, Loriann

Paula said...

Okay I will try to do this again...
1. I like that I went back to school and became a nurse at the age of 32.
2. I like that I love to sing
3. I like my legs
4. I like that I can cook
5. I like my newly organized freezers
6. I like that I am working on being more patient
7. I like that I bit my tongue last night and didn't snap at the CNA at work
8. I like my reading glasses
9. I like that I love to read also!
10. I like coming to your blog and doing these lists as this one wasn't as hard as last week
Have a great week!

Heather said...

Things I like about me:
1: I like that Mindy is my cousin...isn't she so clever to get us all doing this?
2: I like that I am doing a great job at my new job
3: I like that I make new friends easily
4: I like my smile
5: I like my voice
6: I like that I have great kids
7: I like that I can separate myself from my kids
8: I like that I am confident
9: I like my compassion
10: I like my passion
Hey! That was fun this week!

DeenaL said...

Here are my 10 picks:
1. I like my spunkiness
2. I like my ability to listen to others.
3. I like my family & friends (and am so grateful for them)
4. I like my new car (Dodge Avenger)
5. I like my job
6. I like my relationship with God
7. I like cooking a good meal
8. I like my sense of humor
9. I like my common sense
10. I like the weather lately (warm and SUNNY).
There you have it!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my photo blog. I love your site!