Sunday, November 2, 2008

Writing and writing and writing...

Well the typing has started for the big November month of NanoWrimo! My day started off with a bang! I typed up 1,695 words in less than an hour.... Hubby however took 3 and a half hours to type up 1,800 words. Well. Then he had more words than me, so I sat back down and typed until I hit 3,003 words! Pretty impressive right!? And I did it in under an hour. Hubby was like, "What!? How could you do that so fast!?"

Yep, I'm pretty awesome... then he sat down and typed some more and got to 3,180 in an hour. Whatever Hubby.

I know that because yesterday was the first day, I was on a high. I am really dreading next week. I'm just sure that will be my low point. And even if it wasn't going to be my low point, I just ensured that it would be by typing that sentence...

Anyway! Here is a little excerpt from my 'Novel'... ooooh I got all tingly writing that =)

" With all this bright warmth around her, Jolene still feels chilled. Nothing seems to warm her lately. It's mid-summer in Montana, the days are consistently in the 80s and yet Jolene finds herself wearing fluffy sweaters all day long. She is finding it increasingly difficult to get out of bed every morning, to climb in the shower, to drag her clothes on. She would love to just stay in her jammies, curled up in bed indefinitely. "

Oooh! Right? I know that leaves you wanting more... too bad! I guess you'll have to read the novel when it's done =) (Hopefully I get it done. I'm not known for finishing things I start. Which is why I told you guys about it. How embarassing to tell you all and then give up...)


AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Hey, thanks for coming by and entering my giveaway! Good luck!

And thanks for adding my blog to your list!

"Nana's Box"

Queenie Jeannie said...

You go girl!! For me writing is fun...on my own terms. Not sure I could do what you're doing. I wish you the best of luck though!!


TMI said...

Competition brings out the best in spouses, doesn't it?!? Oh, you should see my husband and I playing 'Dance, Dance, Revolution' on the wii. If I win, he has to play again. If he wins, I have to play again. Needless to say, we dance hours on end. It entertains us, but our daughter thinks it's hilarious! We should use this competitive drive for something with more purpose, like writing a novel!

Mindy said...

Oh I totally agree that competition brings out the best in us =) We compete in EVERYTHING! But it makes life way more interesting and the boys have a great time watching us, just like your little Chloe TMI!