Wednesday, November 12, 2008

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!

That's what I said last night when my little Angus woke me up at 11:30 pm whining and scratching at his eye.

"HOLY CRAP Hubby look at this!"

His entire eye was WHITE! And the tissue in the upper and lower eye lids was swollen and it seemed like it trying to PUSH his eye OUT!! HOLY CRAP!!

And to top it all off it was BLEEDING! His EYE was BLEEDING!! YUCK!!!

Hubby started freaking out, he was sure that he would wake up to an eyeball on the bed in the morning. I lied and told him I was sure that wouldn't happen. I got up and got a wet rag, wiped up the blood, grabbed the eye wash and rinsed the inside of the eye out. And what do I see but a HUGE ulcer!! AGAIN!? What the heck! His eye looked fine this weekend. On Monday I noticed it was weepy again and upped his eye drops and then last night, Tuesday, THIS!?


I got up early and met the vet (the good one here in town) at his door, I was there before he was! I handed my poor baby over to a horrified vet and he said they would help him.

I called a little bit ago and his wife (who is the other vet there) had looked at it and recommended that we take him to the optometrist for dogs over in Spokane.

Hmmmm, we can't make our house payment, I DOUBT that Hubby will go for this. I said what's plan B.

She said they could put him under and suture his third eyelid (which is down behind the bottom eyelid) to the upper eye lid and make a sort of bandage. Okay. That doesn't sound too bad.

I mean anything eye related sounds gross, but compared to driving over to Spokane and seeing the dog optometrist, this sounds do-able.

So he is still there and at 3:30 Mountain time he will go under and have a little surgery. They want to keep him over night, but I made a little bit of a fuss and they promised that if he wakes up and isn't too groggy they'll let me come and get him at 5:30.

So PLEASE PRAY FOR ANGUS PLEASE! Please oh please. He is such a little guy and we all love him so much. The boys will be so sad when they come home and he isn't here. We are all worried for him and a few prayers out there wouldn't hurt a thing!

I just couldn't take a picture of that eye this morning. I was afraid it would make you up chuck, seriously it's GROSS. But I'll be sure to update you tomorrow!

------------------ On a brighter note----------------

Thank you, for all the wonderful things you guys are coming up with about yourself!! I'm going to have quite a hat full =) This has been good for us I think. This may turn into a weekly drawing. It would be good for us to have to come up with 10 things we like about ourselves every week. And don't worry I don't think you're bragging at all! Shine girls, Shine!!


DeenaL said...

Oh my gosh, not our little Angus! What in the world is wrong with his eye? All of this is from him having a piece of grass in there? Please let me know what you find out about him ASAP! That's so funny about Craig thinking there would be an eyeball in the bed this morning. EGAD!
Aunt Deena

Aubrey said...

Oh no! That's terrible. Like you, we would have had to go with plan B. Tough times! I hope little Angus gets better and soon!

Jodi said...

I hope your little guy gets better soon!

grammy said...

Since I don't know you that well, I was reading your post and thought it was about one of your kids. Sorry for doggy, but glad it was not one of your boys. Thanks for stopping at my blog.

Loriann said...

My girls and I will be praying for Angus....

Loriann said...

Hows the writing going? We will be praying for you, and yes we want to read it when you are done!!! Cool...

Heather said...

OMGosh! My poor baby boy! I am so sorry that you guys are having to go through all of this. Be forewarned, I will be calling you today to get a fully detailed update. I'm just so sad for our little Angus. He's just so sweet and full of life. Love to you all! Heather