Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can't Sleep

I have this terrible cold, stuffy nose, sore throat and cough. When I woke up at 4:30 am having a coughing fit, I then found that I couldn't sleep. I didn't want to keep Hubby up with all my coughing and snorting, so I came out in the living room.

Hey! I could work on my novel! What a great idea... Hubby had gotten pretty far ahead of me last night, so I went in and got the computer, wrapped up in a big sweatshirt and fuzzy blanket and sat down to type. It went very well. I now have 7,121 words and Hubby has only 5,824!!! Yea! Beat that Hubby =)

I have to take my poor puppy to the vet today. About a week and a half ago he was having trouble with his eye. I immediately ran him into a vet clinic, not my normal vet because I didn't have enough time to take him all the way into Missoula. So I took him into Stevensville. They poked and prodded his poor eye and found a piece of grass. The vet gave me some drops, a mixture of antibiotic and steriod, to drop in his eyes twice a day.

I was taking him into to be fixed on Wednesday last week, so asked my vet to check that eye again. I think she forgot, because she told me it's healing well. Hmmmm... when I press on the upper eye lid, green puss comes out. His eye turned blue yesterday. I don't think it's healing at all. So I'm taking him back to the vet in Stevensville this morning. My poor little Angus!

And really you've never seen a more pathetic little dog. Since he got fixed and his eye hurts most nights he has to sleep on me somehow and he makes little whiney sounds all night. He shakes and shivers and sighs squeaky sighs. Poor little puppy. And since one eye hurts, when you talk to him and ask him how he feels, he looks up with the most pathetic look on his little scruched up face and squints both eyes at you, as though he can't open the good eye either. Sigh... I'm surrounded by poor pathetic boys in this house. I don't know what I would do if they all got sick at the same time. I would probably have to call in reinforcements!

I hope all is well with that eye today! I guess we'll see. Only 3 more hours until I take him in =) I don't have insomnia at all. I'm not counting down the hours left until I have to wake up, no way not me! LOL

Here is a picture of his eye, taken two days after my vet said it was "healing just fine"...

And this is after I rinse it out with eye rinse and put the eye drops in twice a day! Poor Angus!


Okay here is another excerpt from my novel. Ooh you guys! It's so exciting!

" Jo walked back towards the house, then stopped and looked around. It was so beautiful here, peaceful. She laid down on the grass and looked up at the clear blue sky. Not a cloud in site! Warm sun shone down on her face, she closed her eyes to enjoy it.

Ah, the peacefulness. No kids to worry about. She didn't have to think about what to make for dinner. There wasn't any laundry to do, her Mom took care of all that. What had she ever complained about when she was a teenager? Everything as teenagers will, but this time she could fully enjoy this! No responsibilities, yet. This was great! She could just lay here and take a little nap if she wanted to. She could go inside and watch a movie if she wanted to. She could GO to the movies if she wanted to! What a thought. She could go out and be by herself at the bookstore. She reveled in the thought. Then she drifted off to sleep. "


Heather said...

Oh poor Angus! You HAVE to let me know how he is cause it certainly doesn't look too much better! Give him kiss from me and Roxy!

Mindy said...

Well we made it back from the vet clinic. Angus has an ulcer, from the grass scratching his eye. I'm so sad for him! The medication we were using was actually making the ulcer worse, only the eye drops, the eye rinse that I started using on my own was actually helping.. yea for the Mommy instinct! Anyway now he has different eye drops and anti-inflammatory pills. And should be significantly better by Friday. Though the blue cloud over his eye will stick around for 60-90 days! Poor Angus =( (I'm just glad that it doesn't hurt him anymore...)