Monday, November 3, 2008

Entering... Deadpool!

Okay, remember when Logan said they hadn't tried out Deadpool's powers yet on the video game? Well I guess they did this weekend and Logan was really taken with him =) I walked into their bedroom just as he was putting the finishing touches on his 'costume'. Oh- My- Gosh!!! It was so hard to keep a straight face and I dove for my camera. He was only too happy to pose for me. I knew just who to share these with!!

This is the full get up. Note the mask =)

"Oh Mom. How many pictures are you going to take?!"


On a side note I am up to 4,110 words in my novel. Hubby is up to 5,113!! Geesh. He stayed up late typing last night. He gets to jealous if I get more words than he has. He is out today though, so I plan to sit and type all afternoon =) I'm totally going to kick his butt!! Wish me luck =)