Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All is Good...

In the world of Angus. His eye is looking so good! They took out the stitches today and though he still has an ulcer in there, at least his eye is once again, BROWN! No more zombie WHITE eye. Thank God!

Then my little guy was home sick today. He was supposed to be laying on the couch, resting. If I had been home that is exactly what would have happened... but today Hubby was home, while I ran Angus in to get his stitches out. And this is what happened while I was gone...

In this picture he is admiring how his cape blows in the wind =)

I especially LOVE the red socks!!

So Daddy's aren't the BEST at making sure there is resting going on... But they are the BEST at encouraging super hero time.

The other night I was working on my computer and the boys, all three of them, were busy doing something in the living room. I happened to glance up and there was Hubby, wearing the red cape from the photos above (it came to just ABOVE his waist) he had squeezed himself into one of their super hero shirts and was holding a green light saber... Please... He will NEVER grow up. Honestly? I don't want him to =)

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jewelstreet said...

Awww, yay for Angus! Good to hear his eye is doing better!

Hope the little man feels better. From the pics, it looks like he does. He is too cute in that outfit.

Melissa said...

LOVE those superman pics. My boys were freaking out!

TMI said...

Oh man you should've got a pic of Hubby in his cape with a light saber! I'm glad to see Angus is feeling better and even though your boy is sick, it looks like he's going to be ok too.... ;o)