Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hunting Down at the Creek

Okay, we don't really hunt. There isn't one of us that would enjoy killing another animal. But the kids like to go "hunting" down at the creek for Goblins, Dragons and sometimes the odd Vampire. Oh woe to those Vampires hiding in our creek!! (We've been known to "hunt" raccoons. But that is because my kids think that raccoons are as big as our house and very mean. Don't ask me where they got that idea... LOL)

So I thought I would take you on a picture journey, of our journey!

First I wanted to get a good picture of our German Shepherd puppy, Bishop. We are very proud of him as we owned his mom and picked his dad. Total we had 15 puppies from this cross and decided to quit while we were ahead and keep this handsome guy. The Mom found a new home after she tried to EAT one of my goats... long story and not part of our picture journey, so I'll leave it at that!

It turned out it wasn't going to be easy to get a good picture of Bishop. He is NEVER still!!

Or I would get this...

So I decided to take pictures of the rest of the troop, making our way to the creek. (The creek is at one end of our property. We only have to walk a little bit to get there, but that is part of the fun!)

This is my youngest. He has his super hero get up under his jacket... you'll see it in a minute!

This is my oldest. Note... he has his Nerf dart gun. He is READY for some Goblin shootin!

Here is Hubby. He came armed with his video camera. Watch out Goblins, Dragons and Vampires!!

Another attempt to get a good shot of Bishop. And of course, just as I pressed the button, he took off!

Finally! I know you could hardly wait to see the super hero costume!! He is wearing his big brother's red under ware. Because Superman wears his under ware on the outside after all!!

And of course I couldn't resist a shot of my Angus. He is such a great model! Just look at how he poses!

Here is my 'smug' oldest boy. He had climbed the tree and was standing up there looking so proud! There is a better shot of his get-up coming soon!

Finally!! I got the shot I wanted! It was sooooo hard for him to stay still long enough for me to press the button =) He is only 5 months old what more could I expect of him?!

I took this one so you could see how much bigger Bishop is than Angus! They make quite a pair =)

Here's the oldest son's outfit. Camo pants, for hunting, a nice warm sweater and note the headband flashlight, around his waist! They always wear them this way. I LOVE it. (I just wish I could wear them around my waist! I'm lucky if they fit my fat head!!)

I LOVE this picture... A boy and his dog.

Hubby in a stare down with the camera... the camera won.

Okay, this post is getting too full of pictures, and I still have a few more I want to put up, so I'll just explain this... Hubby and Ben had gone across the creek, by way of this big tree. It isn't a tree that fell down, it just kind of lays across the creek like this, making a wonderful "bridge", if you are good at walking across bridges that are 10 feet above the creek!! Well Hubby and Ben are good at it. Bishop, Logan and I are not. But Bishop is far more adverturesome than either Logan or I, so he made the trek. Now he has to come back though.....

Here he is slinking across the tree... He decided he did NOT like water so wasn't about to just wade across....

Here he is... stuck. He is looking at Ben for some help.

Well since I was also trying to help him, and not just stand there like a lump, taking pictures, I missed the fantastic fall from the tree into the creek. He fell like a box of rocks. And as you can see the creek is fairly deep. It was up above Hubby's knees! But Hubby being the great man that he is, didn't hesitate to leap into the creek to save our Bishop!

And carry him from the creek, so he wouldn't have to get any wetter...

And then proceed to give Bishop lots of encouragement and let him know that he is a good boy.

Bishop will probably NEVER go down to the creek again. He was pretty mad about the whole thing. I doubt he will be a water dog after this!! LOL!

Poor Bishop...


Paula said...

I loved this! You have a great looking family and those super hero outfits made me remember the good ole days when my boys were young! Enjoy them They end too fast!

jewelstreet said...

Seems like it was a fantastic day, and now I feel like I was there as well! The pic of Bishop and your son together is such a great shot. One that you would see on a piano with a whole bunch of other family pics.

Green Fairy Quilts said...

Hi Minda, thank you for visiting my blog and for all your kind words. I wish the best for you and your family. Take care!

TMI said...

WOW! I am awe-struck. Those pictures are amazing! I want to live by a creek!!!! Your boys are so cute. And I'm glad to see little Angus is out 'n about and seems to be fairing okay. What fun!

I'm lovin Duffy too - she can jam!

Lindsay said...

Great pictures! We have a dog named Bishop! I just love that name! What a cute little family you have! Have a great week!

Jillene said...

Geat post!! But where is the picture of you? I know, I know--you are the picture taker--ME TOO!! Your family is very handsome!! (I was going to say cute but my 9 year old son would string me up if he knew I called fellow boys cute!)

I did the tag yesterday!! Thanks again!!

Ginny said...

Oh my gosh, that super hero costume is great!

Heather said...

Looks like you guys had an absolutely fabuous "hunt" yesterday! Snag any Dragons or Goblins? Or raccoons? That is funny about the coons! I can't believe how big Bishop is and how great Angus looks! I got your game and I will get to it quite shortly, after Laynee is napping! Please make sure you tell Hubby how absolutely TALL he looks in the post! LOL How's the novel, by the way? Lucy you!
Lucy, Me