Sunday, October 12, 2008

Continuing To Realtor or Not To Realtor...

We did decide to go with a Realtor. It was a tough decision, one we took very seriously. We interviewed several people, then sat down and did a Pro/Con list. In the end, the reason we went with the gal we did is because her website had the most information and she had the best online advertising, of all the people we talked with. (It's my personal opinion that if you aren't strong online, the you can't compete. After all, I do most of my shopping online!) I also felt very comfortable with the Realtor we chose.

So today we got busy de-personalizing our house. That's been so hard!! I'm taking down our family photos and the framed drawings that the boys have made.

I'm having some of my flower pictures blown up large to put up where the family pictures were. (They won't be ready until next week, so for now the family photos are still up!)

We have spent hours going through our papers in the office and reorganizing. We have a mountain of boxes that we have to figure out where to store in our sheds outside. I'm thinking that before we actually move, we need to have a massive garage sale... EVERYTHING up for sale!! Lighten our load before we go on to the next thing.

The house we are planning to build, where ever we end up, will only be about 900 square feet. A LOT smaller than what we are living in now. I plan to really cut down on the stuff we have and Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!!

Here is a link to our online house tour that our Realtor, Nicole Jones, from Exit Realty, did tonight! Enjoy!

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